Thursday, June 23, 2005

Rubbish Bin on FIRE!!

Guess what I saw this afternoon?? A rubbish bin, which is/was in front of CK Tang, beside the underpass entrance, was on FIRE (the fire was inside)! And it was relatively a big fire cuz it melted the rubbish bin (I only got time to watch it being half-melted). And the funny thing is a lady (I think she caused the fire) was trying to put out the fire with juz a small cup of water. Well, I did want to help her...but I was late for my yoga appointment (I'll elaborate later). Newayz, obviously that little amount of water wasn't able to put out the fire and the bin continued to become smaller in size...

I thought of calling the fire dept, but guess the fire wasn't big enough to deploy a whole fire brigade. A bucket of water would do. If I got the time, I'd play the heroine and put out the fire myself, mind you.

I took some pics. I'll upload it sometime-once I got my Flickr ready- so that you guys have an idea. I know the incident isn't that big a deal, but hey, it happened in Singapore, where everything are always in order (well, most of the time) and things are so boring that even a fire in Orchard fascinated me. If it were to happen in Indo, I wouldn't give a damn. Ppl burn things and vandalise public property like it is a norm.

Hope the incident would make into the news tmr...keke...

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