Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DD-Dumbo dentist/doc!!

Read in ST-mind ur body abt this indian guy who complains abt d doctors in s'pore. he said those docs (most of 'em) have no heart. well i gotta agree with him wholeaheartedly. According to him, a doctor had asked him to stop his medication which his previous doc had prescribed. but if he were to stop d medication, he will suffer another heart attact. d stupid new doc apparently hadn't read his file properly. to cut d long story short, tt man insisted dat DD read his file.
Likewise, i went to my denstist yesterday as i got a toothache. then d DD looked into my mouth n within seconds (i dun think he even looked thoroughly) suggested that i have to go for a minor operation to remove my upper left wisdom tooth. damn, i was shocked. i already got my bottom left wisdom tooth taken out, i dun wanna lose another one. c'mon, i'm already quite foolish, u wanna take more wisdom fr me?! NO WAY! i'd like to be wise, thank you...

I digress, so yea, i've experienced how painful it was to have my tooth take out forcefully. it was agonising, i tell u. so anyway, i thot, wat's d connectin bet my aching gum n my wisdom tooth. as u might haf known, wisdom tooth is rite at d back, while my toothace is nearer to the front. so asked him, "are u sure sir?" he said, "yes i'm sure"" er, but my wisdom tooth not painful leh" it argued. "no, i gotta take out ur tooth" i insisted af coz that he double-check. so he did-mayb cuz i looked really scared- n found out tt my wisdom tooth is not d one causing d pain. D'OH!!

So u see, some docs here are juz after ur money. of coz there are some nice ones. but so far, i hafn found any genuinely nice doc in s'pore who really wanna help u. n it's really sad to think tt docs are s'posed to help ppl. so anyway, turns out tt there's a gap bet my tooth n d stuck food there is d one causing d pain. n all he did was give me a clean-up n charged me $85. bloody hell DD. so materialistic!! hope u get toothache all d time n got all ur teeth taken out. Boohahahaha......

Friday, May 27, 2005


Guess what i read in today's newspaper?? blind patients receving their eyesight back after an eye transplantation which was grown from a tooth. yep, u read it right. EYE GROWN FR A TOOTH!! eeeww! i mean, it's great tt those ppl got their eyesight back, but d method is juz so...weird. they really had their tooth taken out fr their gum, then dunno wat, then they attach it to the inside of their cheek so tt blood vessels can grow in d tooth which i figured out needed for d growth of the eyeball. sure, in this era, there're lotsa weird stuff goin on, but c'mon, eye growing fr UR tooth in UR MOUTH. how d hell those ppl eat?! n not only d method is weird, the result is also freaky. they eyeball is soo abnormal. it's reddish, like when u got an eyesore, n in d middle is a tiny black dot. not like our normal black iris n pupil (or brown, or blue, watever). it's juz abnormally small, like it's juz d pupil. oh n after being transplanted, it's like juttin out fr d eye socket.

Man, n part of me actually wanted to be involved in bio-tech or bio-engineering. or sth like that. hmmm, i guess i made the right decision to choose medicinal chem over bioscience. i'd rather invent some cure (as in like medicine, not organs or watever) for some diseases than creating some weird god-knows-what.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Episode II: The offers

Wow, managed to get 2 offers out of 3 applications. And they are from....NTU n NUS...Science...hehe...

I knew I should stay in science. Got the NTU chem & biochem late last mth. Then ard 1 week later, got d NUS science. I kinda have a feeling that NTU will accept me when they invited me for the morning tea talk. But I'm still happy that I got the offer. What amazed me was that NUS gave me the offer also. I mean, my grades aren't fantastic n NUS has got high cut-off point. Also, when I went to the education fair at Suntec and talked to the dean, he was like " Hmm, with ur grade ar...I think it'll be vuehry hard for you to get in" n then he gave me d wahlau-lousy-grades-still-got-cheek-to-apply look. Wanted to say "eh, plz la uncle, dun be so smug juz cuz ur U is good". Hmm, feel like shoving the offer letter up his big nose n say proudly, "see, i got in leh"

So now, it's another decision-making time.

NUS, Pro:
-It's the creme de la creme (so said everyone)
-Been ard for long, so it's more established
-The sci faculty has also been ard for long, NUS is popular for it's sci n law faculty. so it muz be good. And like what Miss Tan said, it already has its chance to do its mistakes. So, should be more solid.
- Nearer to my house
-Got at least 2 frenz who accept the NUS sci offer. So can have some help if my blur disease act up
-Being a "NUS graduate" sounds nice (provided i can graduate, ha)
-can have 1st yr as testing yr, which means, still can switch major in 1st yr if i decide I dun like chem that much

-More stressful environment cuz those who go there are scholars or freakin smart ppl or damn hardworking ppl (which are soo not me)
-Extremely competitive
-Higher demand from the school itself, which translates to more projects, more works, tougher tests and exams
-Don't really like the ppl there. Some are really proud or rude. Sort of hostile to ppl like me, who isn't exactly a model student
-Stay in hostel is not guaranteed. Muz have gd CCA record (dang, I got E only), special talent or ability (sheesh...)
-Probability of having exams on Sabbath

NTU, Pro:
-So far, the the ppl I met fr the U are quite nice, encouraging ("you can try, your grades is good enough"), and polite
-It's a new course, so the equipment n the lab will be sparkling new. More hi-tech, state-of-the art. Saw the photo n fell in love with the lab. Said to be in par with this famous sci U in US (or is it Canada?)
-Slightly less competition, and more chance to join the overseas student exchange program, partly due to smaller no. of students and (I shall not mention)
-Slightly less stressful environment
-Hostel stay is guaranteed for 1st yr student

-It's a new course, so it's not as well established.
-I'll be the guinea pig batch, so if there's some error in their system, I'll suffer
-Friend said new course would usually have some admin problems and other cock-ups
-May have problem if I decide that I wanna change course
-Less popular than NUS
-Very far from home
-More project-based (hate projects) but then again, maybe good for hands-on
-No friend in the same faculty
-Dunno if have exams on Sabbath

So how, so how???

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Bored To Tears....

Aiyo, so sianzzz. still doing this idiotic data entry for the survey that my company (d 1 i'm workin for, not i own, duh...) had done. sigh...will the torture ever end. been more than a weekk of doing the same thing. i'm booored...my head's spinning, my eyes' bleary and hurt due to long hrs of staring at d outdated n flickery lousy comp screen. I wanna go home n sleep. *Yawn* Man, that was my hundreth yawn for the past 30 mins. I...Need...Sleep.....zzzzzz

Episode I: A new headache

I decides to write this very decision-making journey to which university I'll go to cuz as some of you might've known, I'm not exactly a gd decision maker. And while lots of my peers know exactly wat U n wat course to choose, I'm still lost. Ppl always say, "choose wat u like" or "choose sth that you're strong in" or " wat do u see yourself doing in future". But, I always answer, "I dun like studying, so i dun like anything" or "I'm not exactly strong in anything. Juz average" or "Er, dunno leh. I have no vision whatsoever". So u see, I'm quite hopeless really.

So in this first episode, I'll tell you my application journey.

I dunno what my future will be like. I can sort of see myself donned in white suit, doing some lab work. But, thx but no thx to EvilMan (he keeps on psyching me into choosing accountancy), I can picture myself wearing professional suit and dong my stuff in CBD (central business district, for ur info). Science is tough n muz be precise, analytical, fast n gd memory (all of which, I'm not very gd at). But think it's kinda cool to work in labs, mixing some chemicals, n who know, I'll find a cure for AIDS or sth. Business is tough also. muz work long hrs, muz be precise, analytical n muz be good at delegating, doing presentation or stuff like that (again, I'm not very good at). But, they pay is good. The guys are more charming (erm...) and I'll get to wear professional clothes, which is kool. So how??

After very very careful thought, I put my 1st choice as sci and 2nd choice as bizadmin n in NUS; chem & biochem as 1st choice n acct as 2nd choice in NTU; accountancy in SMU. Then, I prayed that if i get 2 sci offer, then I'll study sci but if I get 2 biz, then I'll study acct.

So there. I'll juz have to wait.

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm a Virgin!!

To this whole blogging thing of coz...watcha thinkin eh? so ur right at the entrance to my mundane life. my blog's pretty simple for now cuz it's till under construction. my life isn't exactly great n my english isn't exactly powderful either (but hey, i got acceptable GP grade k...). so that's y i need to add some pink blusher for some cuteness, some mascara, for some flattery n mayb a tinge of eyeshadow for some seductiveness.

I digress. but expect lots of complaints, cuz i'm a strong believer that i'm a victim of all life's injustice, and nonsense from moi. but there'll be some sugar-coated entry to sweeten things up n to remove all those nasty bitter after-taste.

So now, here i am, welcoming U to my life.


Boy, was i exhausted. I juz finished the Da Vinci's code. that was one mind-boggling n mentally exhausting bk (partly cuz i kept staying up till late to read d bk). Really quickened my pusle with every page i tuned. i cud really get in too deep when reading a bk. so newayz, exhausted i was, i cudn't help falling asleep again on sunday morning even after seeping for 8.5 hrs (more than usual). Horror fo horrors, i had a nightmare (or shud i say 'morningmare'?!?) i dreamt that i was chased by this really hideous, scary ghost. However, i felt 2 exhausted to run n my eyes kept closing (in my dream). but of coz, i cud'n stop running. d ghost was gonna EAT me, for heaven's sake. then suddenly my body shook violently. oh no! d ghost had caught me. but then i heard my sis high-pitched voice.

"Oy, wake up la! it's ur turn to mop d floor"

I woke up. startled... Heng ar, juz a dream. creeps, i shud really stop reading till so late n a complex bk at that. but i'm not givin up dan brown. dun get me wrong, i may not haf enuf faith d size of a sesame seed but i do trust d Bible. dan's definitely crappin. still i love his unpredictable twist n turn.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


So here i am, welcoming myself to this blogging thing.