Friday, May 20, 2005


Boy, was i exhausted. I juz finished the Da Vinci's code. that was one mind-boggling n mentally exhausting bk (partly cuz i kept staying up till late to read d bk). Really quickened my pusle with every page i tuned. i cud really get in too deep when reading a bk. so newayz, exhausted i was, i cudn't help falling asleep again on sunday morning even after seeping for 8.5 hrs (more than usual). Horror fo horrors, i had a nightmare (or shud i say 'morningmare'?!?) i dreamt that i was chased by this really hideous, scary ghost. However, i felt 2 exhausted to run n my eyes kept closing (in my dream). but of coz, i cud'n stop running. d ghost was gonna EAT me, for heaven's sake. then suddenly my body shook violently. oh no! d ghost had caught me. but then i heard my sis high-pitched voice.

"Oy, wake up la! it's ur turn to mop d floor"

I woke up. startled... Heng ar, juz a dream. creeps, i shud really stop reading till so late n a complex bk at that. but i'm not givin up dan brown. dun get me wrong, i may not haf enuf faith d size of a sesame seed but i do trust d Bible. dan's definitely crappin. still i love his unpredictable twist n turn.

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