Monday, September 25, 2006

What's wrong?!

Okay, I'm in a i-hate-skool mood again. Had a mock interview for FT this morning. Dun think i did well, relatively speaking. Just my luck to have been put in a class of seniors with highly impressive resume and experience with interviews. I must have sounded like a super noobie. Besides, even I realised I sounded like I was reading a script *groan*

And surprise surprise! I totally screwed my corp rep quiz. As in TOTALLY. If I'm lucky, I'll get 15/75. Yep. It's that bad. Sigh... I just dunno what went wrong. My brain just freezed on me. I didn't even know what the *toot* the questions were asking. Oh gosh... I'm so dead. And corp rep is my acct core module.

Seriously I'm just so pissed. Seems like the harder I try, the lousier my results became. This term everything seems to go wrong even tho I think I've put in more effort. Is it because I've actually not put in more effort? Am I just deluding myself? One thing for sure, I've got a serious problem with time management. Anyone can tutor me?

So, during class I couldn't concentrate anymore. Felt really like crap. Thank goodness I have my ever-willing-to-listen-to-my-whinings friends. 3 of them even accompanied me to Secret Recipe to have dessert (chocolate!!), so I can de-stress. In the end, we chatted and had some laughs. I realised that whenever we share sth funny, it usually is about our childhood. Sigh... it goes to show that that was the time we were happier, or at least to me.

Alright. I should snap out of it and start chiong-ing my company law. Sianz :(

Sunday, September 24, 2006

We didn't finish last!

While others were aiming to be winners, I just prayed that our team didn't finish last. I didn't wanna put too much pressure on the team. I was just so nervous before the race seeing that the other runners look so fit - the guys were like all muscles. The butterflies in my stomach were flying erratically (prolly because they were so excited to see hot guys abound. Lol... j/k)

Thank goodness, my prayers were answered! In fact, we were far from last. Out of 20 teams, I think we were like 14th or sth. And the freshie team got like 5th or 6th. Great improvement from 1st n 2nd from the bottom 2 years ago! RunAbout was a fun experience. Never haf I run so hard before. It was quite a feeling after finishing the race. My head was throbbing like it was gonna explode, my feet felt lyk they were invested with ants, and my chest hurt pretty bad. Shows that i wasn't the fittest person around. Hee....

One thing tho - I shud've run faster. I noe at that time i really cudn't force myself to run any faster. But, if only i had more determination, i bet i could run a little faster. But then again, I run in the name of fun, peace, laughter n joy. In the end everyone was happy n we took loads of pics. Yep, and I kept laughing. I think I freaked out some ppl. Blame the adrenaline :P

Oh yea, and because of the gym-ing for the past 2 wks, I actually lost 2 kg. HAR HAR HAR! Eat that, Andy and Ralph. Who's the babat now?!

Oh n my mom was so nice. She prepared me a great dinner after the race - a wokful of korean hot & spicy fish noodle and magnum ice cream for dessert. Mommies do know best :D Only thing now, I think i gain the 1 kg back. (^^")

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Official o_O

Okay.... So i'm officially joining the RunAbout. Run wat?? Well, it's an annual event smu has where basically we just have to run for 650m around d school. Yep, u read rite. Caressa, the hasn't-been-exercising-properly-for-ages is gonna run in a race. Gangway, ppl!

I was so misrep, thot I only had to run for a bit. Cuz according to the map, the whole route is sposed to be run by 5 ppl (the map show 1 round with 5 little men, duh). so i purposely chose to be the 3rd runner, which means I just haf to run straight, on flat ground. Easy peasy, right? But horror of horrors, every runner has to run the whole round. Which means... I haf to run up 2 straircases, n down another staircase, then round d skool. Gasp!

But it's ok, so i thought. Uno problemo. I can do it. And off I went for the pre-race familiarisation walk (tho in d end everyone, incl moi, ran). Boy, i was only up d second staircase where I started gasping for air n felt my legs betraying me. And I wasn't even halfway to finishing line. Jeepers creepers!! Dousun daiyo?!?

Oh well, we know all along we won't win. After all, we're up against those sport CCAs and the extremists (Btw, i'm entering the CCA cat. for d indo community cca. haha...) However, I do hope we won't be last *cross fingers* My wonderful frenz even offered some methods to ensure my team's winning albeit totally absurd, such as poisoning the other runners, using some dark magic to curse them and even wearing bikini ("To make them puke or faint", said my not-so-wonderful-friend-anymore).

I must have a loose screw when I registered for the race. Sigh...I gotta rest now. Really exhausted from all those running n last minute gym-ing n sleeping late for the past few days. Gotta reserve my energy for Friday's race :S

Sunday, September 17, 2006

:) / :(

A pretty interesting week, albeit very exhausting (unfortch, it ended really badly) Finally, finished the oh-so-draggy Co. Law project. Watched the Indons performed for Art Fest. And tried out spinning class.

The performances was really good despite some glitches here n there. The funny one was during the Saman dance by the freshies. Interestingly, everyone made the same mistake. Talking about solidarity, eh. But, they're still really good. At least they didn't skip any part, like we did. Hehe...

Oh and the spinning class was interesting. Viny and I were just curious as to what "spinning" class is like. What I had in mind was sth like we juz do aerobics which involve a lot of, well, spinning around. But no.... the class is basically a cycling class. What we did was just cycling on the stationary bike for an hour, intensely. During the first 15 mins, my legs felt like they were gonna drop off. Fortunately, after awhile they got accustomed to the workout.

Like I said, the week ended rather badly. Sigh... whenever i think abt it, I really feel like kicking myself in the butt. A stupid mistake, but cost me at least 40% of my assignment grade. Gulp...

Yep, tt's my week at a glance. Wanted to write more, but seriously, I can't remember much :S Sigh... Gotta do lots more work. As in A LOT more WORK. I need more time! Gahh... Even my blog's kinda incoherent now >.<

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hectic Week!

This past week was super duper hectic, as expected from the Mugger's U. Nevertheless it was totally draining. 2 essays, 1 excel assignment (it didn't help that I'm still quite a software-idiot), 1 report + preparation for presentation. Last nite I even had to make do with 3 hours of sleep. Still I'm not so sleepy now. Even this morning I woke up feeling quite alert. Either my biological clock is screwed up or the adrenaline rush has not subsided. Or both.

Everyday for the past week was just mad rush. Rush to class, rush to finish assignments, rush for CCAs, rush to do laundry, rush to wash dishes. It didn't help that my parents went on a holiday and I fell sick. No one cooked, did the chores or woke me up in the morning. Been eating Kopitiam's MSG-laden food and other rubbish. No wonder I'm still sick. Gahhh! A week of parents-free is wasted. I'm so pissed!!!

I'm expecting an equally busy schedule next week. Sigh.... I'd better brace myself up >.<

But on a happier note, there are few nice things that happened (I've promised myself, I shud try always be thankful, remember).

I found out that I can actually change the channel on the treadmill's, as well as other equipment's, in-built TV. Shucks, been watching Kid's Central all this while.

Been making friends with the juniors. They are a nice bunch of people, and pretty helpful too.

Somehow I'm closer to the other Indons now. And that's a good thing in so many ways.

Dawn and I tried for Samba's audition (the percussion gp, mind you. not the dance).

Oh and found out that muesli cereal with yoghurt tastes so much better than with milk.

Right. Now, I can sense the fairies splashing the sleepy dust on me already. G'nite world :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

I Survived a Night Home Alone

Yea that's right. I survived an entire day and night being home alone. 3 cheers for Caressa!! Lolx

To u it might be no big deal. But to me, it's my first time spending the night alone. As in ALONE. No sis, no maid, no mommy. My only companion was my laptop and an MSN window full of crazy ppl. I'm glad i've them, albeit nosy and gossipy.

I had wanted to stay at Fenny's house. But tt irritating BH didn't allow me. Then again I thot,"Hey I'm a big girl. Being home alone is no big deal. If that Macaulay Culkin can do it, so can I."

Many times some random thoughts occured in my head. Thoughts that make me wanna run straight to Fenny's house. But as quickly as that thought appeared, I would shake my head till i get slightly dizzy. And voila! that thoughts disappeared. Hey, if u noe me well, u'd noe that I'm a scaredy cat. I even got scared of myself when I acted as a ghost in the last camp's "haunted house".

So yea. I feel proud of myself. I think i'm gonna treat myself to a Bakerzin warm choc cake =D