Monday, September 25, 2006

What's wrong?!

Okay, I'm in a i-hate-skool mood again. Had a mock interview for FT this morning. Dun think i did well, relatively speaking. Just my luck to have been put in a class of seniors with highly impressive resume and experience with interviews. I must have sounded like a super noobie. Besides, even I realised I sounded like I was reading a script *groan*

And surprise surprise! I totally screwed my corp rep quiz. As in TOTALLY. If I'm lucky, I'll get 15/75. Yep. It's that bad. Sigh... I just dunno what went wrong. My brain just freezed on me. I didn't even know what the *toot* the questions were asking. Oh gosh... I'm so dead. And corp rep is my acct core module.

Seriously I'm just so pissed. Seems like the harder I try, the lousier my results became. This term everything seems to go wrong even tho I think I've put in more effort. Is it because I've actually not put in more effort? Am I just deluding myself? One thing for sure, I've got a serious problem with time management. Anyone can tutor me?

So, during class I couldn't concentrate anymore. Felt really like crap. Thank goodness I have my ever-willing-to-listen-to-my-whinings friends. 3 of them even accompanied me to Secret Recipe to have dessert (chocolate!!), so I can de-stress. In the end, we chatted and had some laughs. I realised that whenever we share sth funny, it usually is about our childhood. Sigh... it goes to show that that was the time we were happier, or at least to me.

Alright. I should snap out of it and start chiong-ing my company law. Sianz :(

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