Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This is one of the funniest ads I have seen this year. Pretty controversial. Even funnier is I work for the company that manages VW (as temp only though) but never heard of the ad nor have I heard of VW Polo. Oh well, maybe I'm just ignorant.

Am I supposed to feel this way?

I mean, seriously, I thought yoga is supposed to "relieves tension, relaxes your muscles, relaxes your body" and stuff like that. But one day after my first yoga lesson, my body is aching. My thigh and arms feels tight, my back aches, even the muscles on my neck, yes, my neck ache. Is this normal? Or did I did my pose wrongly? Hmm, weird....

Anyways, did you know Blogger finally ables to host pictures. Yay! So happy, cuz till now I still haven't set up my Flickr properly. Too lazy. Too troublesome. Now, if only I can get the bluetooth in my PC going...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stiff Like A Wooden Plank

Had my first yoga lesson today. Man, it was terrible and so different from what I imagined. In my mind, will be like, ya noe, juz sit down, meditate, breath in, breathe out and definitely not break a sweat. But what happened was, within the first 5 mins, I could feel my sweat dripping from my forehead. And I was in an air-con room, mind you. I mean, the place is great, the atmosphere is just nice and the Indian imstructor is okay (although, sometimes his speech is rather incomprehensible). But I was so terrible at it.

Okay, actually it wasn't exactly a yoga. It was yogalate - a yoga and pilate combo. So having never learnt yoga or pilate before, and not exercising for donkey years, my body was damn stiff. Think I was the worst student in that class. Couldn't reach my toes, couldn't kiss my knees, couldn't lift my butt from the mat, couldn't lift my leg without bending it (while I was lying down, of course), well, you name it, I couldn't do it properly. Moreover, I couldn't finish the repetition. Halfway then I would stop. Maybe it's the old-age.... But it was just so hard. I was as stiff as a wooden plank. Although there was no vigorous movement, I was still perspiring. Besides, sometimes I just couldn't understand what the instructor was saying.

Oh well, maybe I should've gone for the prayanama (spell?) and meditation. Maybe it's more of the yoga that I've imagined. But still, I'm LOVING yoga, man! All I need to do is do more stretches at home. Haha... C'mon everybody, say "Ooooohhmm....."

But now, I need to rest my aching body.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I Got A Shoutbox!!

Yay, finally I got a shoutbox, and I did everything myself, not like some people who ask others to do their template n all. Ha...I feel so independent...But still the whole process took me like almost 1 hr. Pathetic right...But well, I guess it's ok considering I'm quite computer illiterate. I just hate doing troublesome stuff.

Wanted to do my Flickr also, but I was too tired. Went shopping the whole day with my dear "lao po" (no no, me ain't lesbian). Bought this nice dark green pair of pants from Mango (kinda regret it cuz it's only under 10% discount, hai...) and a top. Oh, I finally found a shop at Heeren that sells lots and lots of flower brooches of varied design. Bought the sequined one. Almost buy a lot though cuz they are all so pretty, but money no enough. Hee... Thk goodness didn't buy that brooch from Tangs; same design but almost triple the price.

Man, I've been spending a lot lately. Should curb myself from spending too much on stupid stuff...

Gift of Life

Donated my blood on Friday. My second time worhx....haha...I took some pics, but the damn bluetooth in my PC isn't working. So I can't upload the photos form my camera phone. Damn, I want to show off leh, and maybe make someone faint after seeing the bag full of my blood. Hee...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm A Yogi

Yep, that's right sista... From today onwards I'm officially a yogi (or yoginis, whatever). Yep, this is me talking. Moi...who can't even reach her toes, who almost failed her NAPFA sit-and-reach test(but still got gold horx), who is as inflexible as a wooden plank. But still, that didn't deter me from signing up today at True Yoga. Man, the place is damn nice. The facilities and the atmosphere is just nice (hehe as if I'm their ambassador). I was tempted to start right there and then.

Well then, wish me luck...cuz I might just embarassed myself for not being able to do simple streches...hee...

Rubbish Bin on FIRE!!

Guess what I saw this afternoon?? A rubbish bin, which is/was in front of CK Tang, beside the underpass entrance, was on FIRE (the fire was inside)! And it was relatively a big fire cuz it melted the rubbish bin (I only got time to watch it being half-melted). And the funny thing is a lady (I think she caused the fire) was trying to put out the fire with juz a small cup of water. Well, I did want to help her...but I was late for my yoga appointment (I'll elaborate later). Newayz, obviously that little amount of water wasn't able to put out the fire and the bin continued to become smaller in size...

I thought of calling the fire dept, but guess the fire wasn't big enough to deploy a whole fire brigade. A bucket of water would do. If I got the time, I'd play the heroine and put out the fire myself, mind you.

I took some pics. I'll upload it sometime-once I got my Flickr ready- so that you guys have an idea. I know the incident isn't that big a deal, but hey, it happened in Singapore, where everything are always in order (well, most of the time) and things are so boring that even a fire in Orchard fascinated me. If it were to happen in Indo, I wouldn't give a damn. Ppl burn things and vandalise public property like it is a norm.

Hope the incident would make into the news tmr...keke...

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Guide to Blogging Etiquette

For blogging newbies out there, go check this out. Even if you're not newbies, it's worth reading, cuz I bet most of you don't even know such code of ethic exists for bloggers too, no?

Some of my fav:

1. Always bow before you blog.
2. The proper way to end a first blog is with a little kiss. No tongue.
3. When someone visits your blog, be sure to offer drinks.

Thank you, it's been wonderful talking to all of you. Godspeed.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Skinny of It All

Read under the annoying index in ST:

"First it was Singapore Idol contestant Olinda Cho, now it's comedienne Irene Ang. Who would have thot our fav. roly-poly artistes would be the poster girls for slimming ctrs? Now everyone is starting to look like identical stick insects. As if the entertainment scene here wasn't dull enough."

Hmm, I couldn't agree more.

Seriously, with advertisement featuring a girl in dilemma from being called a hippo, to an idol wannabe or from new mothers to the other "aunty" from the local drama, slimming centres are appealing to people from all walks of life who think (ok, some seriously have) weight issue.

More and more people are climbing on the "Look I was 70* kg BEFORE and NOW I am 45* kg" bandwagon. And yet, they complain that our country is boring. Go figure...

Man, whatever happens to "Big is beautiful"?

*Figure may vary

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Episode VII: Science (Chem) VS Accountancy

Okie dokie, here's the pro/con list.

Sci (chem), pro:
-Been studying it since primary school, so I already have the foundation
-Get to mix chemicals up (n probably blow up the lab too ; )
-Chance to create a cure for the currently incurable illnesses, which may earn me a Noble prize (hey, one can dream ok)
-Able to spend lotsa time by myself, meddling with some chemicals in a lab
-Get to wear those real cool white suite
-Don't have to be involved in those stupid office politics in the future (ok there'll be some, but definitely less in sci sector)
-The chem sector is growing, so by the time I graduate, the job market will be pretty big

-It'll be harder than accountancy, which translates to more stress (it doesn't help that I get stressed out easily either)
-According to some research, sci grads earn less than acct grads
-In a long run, acct ppl still earn more
-Less job in the market for chem grad, still
-No one in the family supports me, sheesh...

Acct, pro:
-Easier to study, which means I can relax a bit
-Grads earn more
-EvilMan, Mom and Bro had studied acct, so there'll be some1 to help me if I encounter some problem
-EvilMan can help me get a job upon graduation (but of course, I won't depend on him, hee...)
-If there's any cock-up or I don't do well, I can always say to EvilMan, "See, I've told you I'm not suitable for this course" hehe...

-Ave earning of an accountant is still higher that chemist and more opportunity for higher success

-Never learned it b4, so have to do some catching up (sian ar!)
-Bet the lesson are less fun than chem, what with no lab work (I love experiment, juz as long as it's not a test or an exam)
-According to ppl I know, the job is damn tedious and monotonous
-Long hr job, especially towards the end of the yr

So yeah. As usual, both has it's pros and cons. So which one will I choose? Which one has a brighter future for me? Don't miss the next (and hopefully final) episode.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Episode VI: Surprise...Surprise!!

Oook, maybe d title should be horror of horrors cuz I'm not exactly pshyched abt getting the offer letter. "Huh, what offer? Thought the deadline is over?" you wonder. But well, maybe I'm just to sought-after *growl* or what, I dunno, but SMU sent me the offer letter yesterday. Yeah, great....Just when I've squeezed my brain juice dry just to decide between NUS & NTU, now I must reconsider. And after I told my family, not only EvilMan pestered me but my whole family (except the Bovine) tried to talk me out of going to NUS. Damn, why can't they just support me? Hey being a chemist is quite noble ok! What if I were the one who create some cure for the currently incurable disease or some magic pill or whatever. Ya'll bow down to me, I tell ya. Sheesh...

Don't get me wrong, I've totally nothing against accountancy. Yes, it's a good profession, but so is chemistry. But hor, the way EvilMan said it, it was as if I won't be able to cope with the studies, won't be able to get job easily n even if I do, it's a lousy job, and worst, it was a consensus that being a chemist would have no life n I'll end up being a dork. WTF!

Oh well, guess gotta do d pro-con thingy again. Don't miss it on the next episode.......

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Episode V: The Final Decision

Finally, the final instalment of the decision-making journey since I got my a level results. I've finally reached my final decision on which university to choose. After countless advice, many sleepless night, much deliberation, n lotsa "Duh, it's NUS lah", it's NUS then.

As you might have known, I don't exactly like that U. But then again, what do i noe, i mean i've nv studied in that U. So my opinion is only from personal observation, impressions, and word-of-mouth. So it can be biased. But heck care lah, I've reached my deadline, n i gotta make a decision or I'll end up with no U to go to.

My prayer: Dear God, I hope I've made the right decision. Hope this is the right path to take. And most importantly, hope I won't encounter any Sabbath problems (cuz the EvilMan will surely ask me to quit schooling if i have to go against the 4th commandment). Oh, and help me cope with the stress or help me get more $$ cuz I have a feeling that i'd need to go to psychologist (or even psychiatrist). Amen