Monday, June 27, 2005

I Got A Shoutbox!!

Yay, finally I got a shoutbox, and I did everything myself, not like some people who ask others to do their template n all. Ha...I feel so independent...But still the whole process took me like almost 1 hr. Pathetic right...But well, I guess it's ok considering I'm quite computer illiterate. I just hate doing troublesome stuff.

Wanted to do my Flickr also, but I was too tired. Went shopping the whole day with my dear "lao po" (no no, me ain't lesbian). Bought this nice dark green pair of pants from Mango (kinda regret it cuz it's only under 10% discount, hai...) and a top. Oh, I finally found a shop at Heeren that sells lots and lots of flower brooches of varied design. Bought the sequined one. Almost buy a lot though cuz they are all so pretty, but money no enough. Hee... Thk goodness didn't buy that brooch from Tangs; same design but almost triple the price.

Man, I've been spending a lot lately. Should curb myself from spending too much on stupid stuff...

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