Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gosh, classes never fail to bore me to death. Blog, I shall then. Besides I haven't 'close' the year properly.

2006 has been quite a er... tough year. Personally and globally. My grades are waaay lower than expected despite the effort I had put in. Some family probs. Pastor leaving our church. Disasters, terorist threats etc etc all around the globe. It was definitely not that fab a year.

However, I do have a good feeling about year 2007. Well firstly, it's got '7' in it and 7 is a perfect number (according to the bible). It's one of my fav numbers too. (btw 6 is bad bad no. '666' remember? no wonder...). Secondly, the economists are quite optimistic abt 2007. Thirdly, Saddam's dead... Ok, the last point is irrelevant - to me, at least. Well, actually I don't have any reason to be hopeful about year 2007 except that 7 is a perfect number. Call me superstitious but I do believe in it. So I'm expecting 2007 to be a better, if not great, year *fingers crossed*

Notwithstanding the optimism, 2007 did start kinda badly. Planes crashing, ships sinking, bombs exploding and the list goes on.... Sadder still, more friends are leaving. Karen left on Mon. Daniel left on Tues. My sis is leaving tmr. Roch is leaving on Mon nxt wk. Even Ralph is thinking of goin to MC, too. If he goes, there'll be 4 Bratz in MC.

Bratz is dwindling again. It's like a phase, y'know. Most of the Bratz I knew when I just came to Sg are all gone, except for Andy, Ald and Gaz. Most went off for further studies, some just left. Now it's happening again. Sigh... I should've insisted on goin to OZ. Then I would have been the one leaving, not being left.

I've never thought airports to be lonely places. In fact, when I was younger, I found them fun. Dad used to travel lots and Mom would bring me watch the planes taking off, which I found fascinating. As I grow older, the novelty wears off. And after reading Ralph's entry, I have to agree with him, unfortch. Airport, particularly the departure hall, can be a rather sad place. It's a place where people say goodbyes, not knowing when they'll meet again or if they'll ever meet again, but still hoping they'll meet again.

On a happier note, I heard some earliteens are coming down (literally) to join Bratz. That's good :) But, I'll miss those who are leaving (yes, I think i'll miss my bratty sis) and those already left cuz we had grown so much closer. Argh... I feel like transferring to MC now :

School again....

4th day of year 2007. First day of school in the year 2007. Sigh… definitely dread going to school later. I've been out every single day since x'mas, visiting friends homes or busy in the kitchen preparing food and welcoming ppl to our home. Thus, the lack of entries. Btw, blogger sux. I dunno why but I can't upload any pics.

I haven't even started going to school and am already missing my hols. I think i made use of my Dec hols really well...too well, perhaps. A really packed Dec, but totally fun fun FUN! Actually I had too much fun till I got sick; flu at first and now I keep coughing. Too much festive seasons goodies, I suppose. I think I have enough choc to last me several months. But I decided to share them. Hee....Ain't I nice?

Well, I guess I'd better get ready for school. *groan*

I now it's late, but.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!