Friday, June 30, 2006

Dong Bang Shin Gi

This past week has turned me into DBSG fan. No thanks to my sister. Cuz of her, I've been wasting spending my time in searching thru youtubes for their videos (MV/drama/clips). Frankly speaking, I was never a K-pop or J-pop, Mandapop or any asian band fan. Dun really like them. Too sissy and the way they dress is quite weird. Juz not my cup of tea. I'm much more into Western music. But once in a while I've found some exceptionally good ones. Like Utada Hikaru (I like 2 of her songs, or in this case DBSG (or DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki watever, they've got many names, depending whether ur a korean, chi or jap fan). Though usually I like only 1 or 2 songs from a particular Asian singer/band, this band is quite interesting.

Been watching lots of their MVs or juz clips in youtube, and I found them quite adorable. Apparently they've been ard for quite sometime. I've actually read them in the Teens mag, sometime ago. But didn't give it a hoot. As I've said, not really into Asian songs. Most of the songs by this band are quite typical. But altho they're a boyband, they can actually sing and definitely dance. Dun really like the ballads, but some of the songs are really nice, like this song titled "Rising Sun" or the one titled "HiYaYa" (links provided).

There is something really addictive with the song Rising Sun. Didn't really like it at first. But now i'm totally hooked. I dunno what genre it is, but it's a full-of-energy kinda song. Everytime I hear it, made me wanna get up and dance (tho regretfully, i can't dance). And the boys really look cool dancing in tt video. Whereas the song HiYaYA has a very catchy tune. A summer, refreshing kinda pop song. Watching the MV made me wanna go straight down to the beach. Especially in this really hot and humid summer weather.

Oh talkin abt goin down to the beach, there's this seminar by our church. And on sunday it's gonna be held in Sentosa. YaY, Beach! Can't wait to soak my feet in the cool seawater =)

Well I've provided the link but I'll just put the video here. Enjoy!

Rising Sun


Oh btw, thanks to doubleH for helping me put up d video. I'm such a tech idiot. Sigh...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh really??

You Are 34% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.
Hmm, i'm actually not that evil. thank goodness... but still, im "the most dangerous kind of evil". funny. i do have an evil twin bro. and some idiot did say that i had let the devil/Satan to reside in me (that was looong time ago, n it really upset me because he meant it when he said it).

I dunno if i were more evil then. But yea, there are times that I'm just so bitter and skeptic with life. there are oh-so-many times when I feel that God has left me. that feel like crying for no apparent reason. and then i get provoked real easily over some really trivial things. and i feel like hating everyone. I still feel jaded with life. If u ask me, i didn't mind to just suddenly drop dead. I still do. I'm young, but i'm already exhausted.

However, yesterday while I was having my supposedly daily bible reading, I came across this verse:
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Frankly speaking, I haven't been a good Christian and am still not. I want to be good, but boy, is it hard. And that verse really struck me. I've heard them recited so many times. But when I read it myself, i felt so ashamed of myself. I'm always complaining, never satisfied; and more often than not, think that everyone is out to get me. Though I get excited or happy very easily, they are just fleeting kind of feeling. And I get upset, really upset, just as easily, especially under stressful situation.

It's not easy to see that there's always silver lining on every cloud (do i get the idiom correct? >.<) But I do want to be joyful always and to give thanks in all circumstances. I pray that God help me. Been trying, and I know I can't do it by myself.

So from today onwards, I shall list things that I shud be thankful of. Not necessarily everyday, but at least once a week.

Yep, so I've been fired. er...ok not tt bad. But i was sposed to work till 30 June, but yest they called me to say that I don't have to come anymore. That's 3 day's worth of salary less. sigh... cuz i was sick on Fri, remember. They are so stupid to call only after I went home. so i have to go to the agency today to submit my timesheet. Unnecessary travelling expense >.<
But yea, the good thing abt it is at least I get to go out with my mom today to this Thai festival at Thailand embassy. I love Thai food! Love the mango papaya salad. Hot, spicy, sweet, sour and salty taste in every bite. Yummm! Really tantalise my taste buds. Oh, and they sell my fav durian chips too :D But honestly, besides the food the fest is quite boring.

Oh btw, while I was writing this post, I realised that the song "Hakuna Matata" was playing on my iTunes. Coincidence?

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase
Hakuna Matata, ain't no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It's a problem-free philosophy
Hakuna Matata!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Click It!

This is for real. Juz click on the banner and sign up k. hehe....extra cash leh.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Been working the whole week and thus been missing watching anime on youtube. Whoever invented youtube, Bless his soul. Used to buy or borrow animes and boy, are they expensive. It doesn't help that my ever-so-generous anime supplier cum freak cum friend, Pisal had moved to Aussie. So no more free animes. Then.....came along youtube. Really grateful for it's very existance. Haha...I'm being long-winded. But so what. I got a free Friday. haha!

I'm still working but well, it's the time of the month. Sigh...ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a boy. I mean, they're just so lucky. Girls, I'm sure u noe what i mean. And I've no idea why recently the cramps have gotten worse. By golly, I'd almost fainted on the MRT this morning. Suddenly I felt so light-headed and everything became so blurry. I bet I was like really pale. But no one bothered to give up their seat. Sheesh...Gracious S'porean? Tang Ku Ku (wait long long)

So i decided to stay home. The pain was just too much. I was stuck in the bust stop in front of J8. Couldn't walk home. Couldn't even walk across the street to the bus stop. And I waited too long for the taxi. Stupid rush hour. So I mustered up all my strength and start walkin home. I really wish I'd been born as a boy. Lolx (btw, i'm still a perfectly normal girl yah!)

Oh yea. My sis was pretty nice today. Lolx... Never guessed i'd ever say that. My relationship with that imp is like oil and fire. When we get together, there'll surely be an inferno. Ok, not always that bad. But there'll be at least sparks. But neways, this morning and on some other rare occasions, she was well, nice. Called home to get my mom to fetch me. But she was out. So I told her that I got terrible cramps. And voila, when I got home, even before I asked her, she already prepared hot water for me. Aww, sweet. hee.... But then again, that's very rare. Get this, her attitude still irks me. That's why most of the time, we just bicker. Ahhh, sweet sisterly love (*puke*)

So yea, now I've got a long weekend. Yay... Thot I could start watchin my animes again or some random funny videos. But alas, the youtube is under maintenance. Of all the days! Sigh. Maybe i should catch some sleep.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sing Your Heart Out

BRC Youth Choir

Another picture! Haha...I realise I've been bombarding my entries with pics. I can't help it. I've always enjoyed taking pics (not of myself of course) and a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides, I got a new camera - Ixus 60, which I got abt 2 wks ago. Not exactly what I wanted. Well, I still can't afford a Canon Rebel or Nikon D70s or any good digital SLRs, not forgetting their expensive accessories. I'll buy them when I've started my career (*hint* or earlier if some1 would like to finance me *hint*). As a student, there are too many things that I have to buy/pay for and that I covet. For now, my Ixus is enough to keep me happy, tho not ecstatic. I should be grateful.

On saturday we had our very first Balestier Rd SDA Church Youth Choir (refer to pic, for more
here). Never in my 7 years worshipping in tt church tt we had a youth choir. But there we were, in front of the whole church, singing "All night, All day". The choir was formed only 2 mths ago, and we didnt exactly practise really hard. But I did give my best, and so did everyone i believe, though i was darned nervous and my lips was quivering. I've always had stage fright. But anyways, everyone said we sang wonderfully and they commended us. Well, they couldn't exactly tell us that we sang like chickens going to slaughterhouse, could they?

But honestly, we did sing ok. May not be like those catholic boys choir, but at least we didn't agonise our dear churchgoers, I hope and I pray.

Well, today's my second day at work and I'm already so bored to death. My job is to call people and verify the info that the company already had. Seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, hours after hours, I hear the ringing sound, and operator voice. Luckily, so far no rude contacts. Just that many of those companies have "The Entertainer" as their hold-the-line tune. Goodness gracious me, before I started working there, I thoroughly enjoy that piece and it was one of my favourites. But after countless time listening to it in that high-pitch tune, I changed my mind. The Entertainer's no longer that entertaining now. Yea, working is boring but I need the money, so I shall endure. Gambatte!!

I miss watching my favourite animes all day long :((

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Family =)

Finally! We get to meet up after a looong while. What can we do, we're all busy ppl....

We're one HAPPY family =)

The original BoBby's AngElz ;)

Friday, June 16, 2006


Went out with my JC cliqués on Tuesday, the Bobby's angelz and the husband and extra :p We were one big family, and still are. We've got the husband, the wife, the mistress, the daughter, the aunties and the flirty extra. Heez.... Still waiting for Yilin to send me the pics we took.

On the way to sending me home in Shakti's car, Yilin asked this, "Why did the uncle throw the butter out of the window?"

The answer, "Cuz he wants to see butter-fly!" (^^")

Speaking of butterfly, I managed to get this really nice shot of a butterfly. Took it before going to the blood donation drive last Sunday. It was after the rain. So the water droplets make the pic look nicer. Was actually shooting the flowers and almost missed the butterfly cuz it was quite small.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blood Donation Drive

Our church held a blood donation drive on sunday. By far, it was the most fun blood donation I've ever done. That's probably cuz there were quite a no. of BRATz who went for the blood donation. Unexpected tho. I thot only Sheena and I would be donating, since we've donated before, and the guys said that they were "scared of needles" when we ask them to join. Pathetic. Well, I must say that peer pressure can be a useful thing. We managed to get 6 others to donate. It's quite a pity that some of them were rejected cuz they were not fit enough to donate. Anyways, after donating we had fun taking pictures and showing off the cute bandages (really silly, actually). We made so much noise that the nurse reprimanded us. Lolx. It was really fun.

Next time, should get more BRATz to join in. After all, donating your blood means u'll be saving someone's live. Besides, it's not painful at all :D

Here are some of the pics. For more, click here. Btw, I had fun takin the blood samples pics. They are fascinating, I think :p

Who's got nicer bandage?
Originally uploaded by *CaReSSa*.

Life savers power up!
Originally uploaded by *CaReSSa*.

Originally uploaded by *CaReSSa*.

Interesting, eh?
Originally uploaded by *CaReSSa*.

Friday, June 09, 2006

It Came After All



I guess the cursed day came a day too late for me. I was juz writing that June 6, '06 isn't in auspicious at all. Alas, it came a day late for me. So ironic. I even recalled thinking that after 6 is 7, which is my fav no. It's also the perfect no. So after a supposedly bad day, will come a great day. Sigh....

I knew the day will come soon. He's quite old after all. But, I was just taking his pics with my new digicam 2 days before and was feeding him carrot bits the day before. He looked as hyper as ever. The day definitely came unexpectedly. It was Wednesday morning that I posted his pics on my friendster - the pics tt I took 2 days earlier. I was just admiring how cute he look. I noticed tho that his fur had greyed. But still kawaii! Then I went to change his food bowl. Usually the moment I opened his cage, esp to feed him, he would go scurrying out of his crib with his tiny nose twitching and smelling my hand.

However, that morning there was no movement. Thot he was just being really lazy (Oh well, usu he would just eat, sleep and mess up the cage. He hardly used his wheel to exercise, only used it as another sleeping place ^^") I started making some noise to wake him up. But there was still no movement. Weird....So i opened the top compartment to take a peek. I was scared that he had escaped. (He went missing 3x before, mind you. Tt smart fella.) But I saw him there under the 'stairs' as always, 'sleeping' peacefully. I made even more noise. But he didn't move an inch. I start to get nauseous. Sth must be wrong. I sniffed at the cage. But there was no smell. If he had ...died.... there would be some smell right? Then I took a pen. I nudged him lightly and was mortified when his body was so stiff. I nudged again, harder. This time my body went stiff.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He looked like he was just sleeping. So peaceful....However, my dear Bacon had left this world. I was really scared. Didn't dare to touch him. Couldn't believe he would go so unexpectedly quick.

Sayonara, Bacon. You've been a great companion. I just hope that I had been a good owner. I just hope that you had gone peacefully. I'll miss playing with you. I'll miss watching you nibble your food or bite my shorts or wreak havoc when u went missing. Sayonara...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cursed Day??


Revelation 13:18 - This calls for the wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

Woah, finally reach D day where it's sposed to be a spooky day. 666 - that's the mark of the beast. Hollywood even made a movie cuz of this inauspicious date. But just because today's date reminds me, n a hell lot of other ppl, of the evil associated with the no, it doesn't mean today was a bad day. I didn't even have bad feelings, as in, u noe sometimes your body just shivered and u have a feeling that sth bad's gonna happen? Yea, I didn't experience that. Actually today wasn't a bad day at all, tho it's not a great either.

The only painful thing about today is that my whole upper body aches. But that's because I've started excercising after a loooooong break. I run once awhile (a looong while, that is). But I decided that I should do something about my accumulating fats lipids. Not juz because I want to make Andy shut up, but cuz I wanna feel healthier and more energised . And of course, wearing back cloathes that I used to be able to wear won't hurt either. So i resolved that I should start exercising again. Sigh, i've resolved so many times, but tho the spirit is oh-so-willing, the flesh is so darned weak. But never mind, I'll do it this time. If Ralph can do it, so can I! Yosh! (I can't lose out to my Babat rival)

Yesterday was a good start. Wanted to jog this morning, but it was raining till evening. Bad day, huh. Too bad I can't jog (*smirk*). So I just did stretching at home to relax my aching muscles. Anyways, encouraged by my muffin success, I decided to make choc chip cookies, since I still have some choc chips left from making the muffins. This time my mom helped a bit in doing the mixing. I think that darned mixer hates me. The moment I switched it on, butter and sugar started splattering about the walls and my shirt. And in my panic, I switched it to higher speed. Luckily I lifted the mixer in time to prevent further mess. But well, that's the only glitch tt happen. Everything went smoothly afterwards. And my cookies turned out great. It's the kind like the crunchy Famous Amos cookies, not the soft Subway cookies.

This time the texture's right. Really crisp. I like it tt way. I was quite surprised when the cookies enlarged by abt 1.5 times. But tt's ok. Still much better than the ones that we made to raise funds for our CSP project. Lolx..... One thing tho, they are still not as tasty as Famous Amos'. Something's missing. I wonder if it's because I use only 1 egg instead of 2. Well, if u noe how to make the cookies taste better, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll upload the pics later.

So yea, today was just like any other uneventful day.... (except for my choc chip cookies :D)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yummy muffin!

Still haven't got a job. Still bored. Heez.... So instead of juz being totally passive while watchin my fav animes on youtube, i decided to make some muffins. Hmm, i can already hear ppl snorting. Can I really bake? Duh, of course. I've been helping my mum baking cakes, brownies n cookies since forever. Yep, I was juz helping. But this time. I made all by MYSELF. No help from my mom at all. And yep, they ARE edible.

This is my first attempt at baking all by myself (oh I tried baking some stuff like potatoes for lunch. They turned out a little diff fr the pic. BUT still edible ok), so yea, the result wasn't as good as those muffins sold at Mrs Field - that would be unrealistic. But they still are yummy. I ate at least half of them ok. Nope, not because I felt responsible or because I wanted to prevent innocent ppl from getting food poisoning, but because it tasted GOOD! It's healthy, too. I substituted half of the flour with rolled oats, and I added pecans n almonds to the original recipe (see I can even improvise on my first attempt. Ha!) Oh, and I used brown sugar. I wanted to add raisins, but my sis objected to it.

I'm quite happy with the result. But somehow the texture isn't quite rite. Hmm, I should try again. Practise makes perfecto!

Here are my yummy muffins....

Yummm, drooling yet?

Oh yea, I used this small bowls to bake cuz I couldn't find the muffin tray. Oh well, still look and taste good nevertheless.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moral of X-Men 3

We were sposed to go 'touring' on monday, but as usual, my annoying sis ruined the plan, as always. She was so slow, taking her own sweet time in choosing clothes and stuff, cuz she was sposed to go to this interview with laskhi. But in the end they didnt go, n we all went to watch X-men: The Last Stand. Well, i think it was quite an entertaining show. If you like action, special effects, loud noise then this movie is for you. But if you expect a clever plot or interesting story, then i suggest you watch sth else. But like I said, it was nevertheless intertaining.

The characters have really cool moves, especially Wolverine. And, he's hot! Lolx.....Storm is awesome too. I particularly enjoyed the sound effect during the fights. Made my whole body shudder, literally. Thanks to dolby sound system (or is it THX? watever). But yea, there's no real suspense in the story. No plot. Juz normal good vs evil. And good wins. Some of the scenes also ended abruptly. They should've made the movie longer. But I can just imagine the amount of $$ needed. But i still think that that flying guy, the guy with wings should be given more screen time. Put his pic so big in the movie poster, but did nothing great. He'd be one cool character.

Oh btw, if you haven't already watched the show, I suggest you don't leave the cinema when the credits appear. Wait awhile. There's sth more, though it's juz a little bit more.

But anyways, while watching the show, sth struck me. Juz like what the actors said during interview on MTV, the movie did get me thinking... about social issues, particularly about people who are different from ourselves. Juz like the mutants are outcast or at least discriminated against just because they are 'different', we do the same thing too to others who are 'different'. Of course, different here doesn't juz refer to body, hairstyle, etc, u noe what i mean. But yea, guess i'm guilty of doing that. Like last saturday, there was this guy, who's kinda weird. The way he dressed n talk. He wore t-shirt, shorts n slippers to church. He was in his late 20s, i believe, so he should know better. So, he went up to youth room and he asked my bro lotsa qns during the intro session. And he was igonoring unc chin, which was a 'lil amusing. I noe I should've still go up to him and be friendly, but I didn't. Cuz he was 'different'. Same thing happened on the first day of my community svc project (CSP) in this spastic children society. I was a kinda scared to interact with them at first cuz you'd never know what they'd do (I did have some 'funny' experience before). But that fear dissipated after I spent more time with them. And they are quite cute actually.

Well, i realised that i will always have prejudice against people that are a ,well, different from myself. But if i spend more time with them, that prejudice might just go away and instead, replaced by compassion. Still, i need to reduce that 'more time' to 'no time at all'. After all, i might be 'different' to other people. I do have my antics, too. Well, I'll strive, and if everyone does too, i bet my life that this world will be a better place to live in. No more people with sneering, condescending eyes, no more people and their racism, sexism, whatever-ism. All that we have will be luuurrrrvveee for one another.

Can i get my "Awwww" now?

(okay, that last part was exaggerated :p)