Friday, June 16, 2006


Went out with my JC cliqués on Tuesday, the Bobby's angelz and the husband and extra :p We were one big family, and still are. We've got the husband, the wife, the mistress, the daughter, the aunties and the flirty extra. Heez.... Still waiting for Yilin to send me the pics we took.

On the way to sending me home in Shakti's car, Yilin asked this, "Why did the uncle throw the butter out of the window?"

The answer, "Cuz he wants to see butter-fly!" (^^")

Speaking of butterfly, I managed to get this really nice shot of a butterfly. Took it before going to the blood donation drive last Sunday. It was after the rain. So the water droplets make the pic look nicer. Was actually shooting the flowers and almost missed the butterfly cuz it was quite small.

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