Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blood Donation Drive

Our church held a blood donation drive on sunday. By far, it was the most fun blood donation I've ever done. That's probably cuz there were quite a no. of BRATz who went for the blood donation. Unexpected tho. I thot only Sheena and I would be donating, since we've donated before, and the guys said that they were "scared of needles" when we ask them to join. Pathetic. Well, I must say that peer pressure can be a useful thing. We managed to get 6 others to donate. It's quite a pity that some of them were rejected cuz they were not fit enough to donate. Anyways, after donating we had fun taking pictures and showing off the cute bandages (really silly, actually). We made so much noise that the nurse reprimanded us. Lolx. It was really fun.

Next time, should get more BRATz to join in. After all, donating your blood means u'll be saving someone's live. Besides, it's not painful at all :D

Here are some of the pics. For more, click here. Btw, I had fun takin the blood samples pics. They are fascinating, I think :p

Who's got nicer bandage?
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Life savers power up!
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Interesting, eh?
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