Friday, June 09, 2006

It Came After All



I guess the cursed day came a day too late for me. I was juz writing that June 6, '06 isn't in auspicious at all. Alas, it came a day late for me. So ironic. I even recalled thinking that after 6 is 7, which is my fav no. It's also the perfect no. So after a supposedly bad day, will come a great day. Sigh....

I knew the day will come soon. He's quite old after all. But, I was just taking his pics with my new digicam 2 days before and was feeding him carrot bits the day before. He looked as hyper as ever. The day definitely came unexpectedly. It was Wednesday morning that I posted his pics on my friendster - the pics tt I took 2 days earlier. I was just admiring how cute he look. I noticed tho that his fur had greyed. But still kawaii! Then I went to change his food bowl. Usually the moment I opened his cage, esp to feed him, he would go scurrying out of his crib with his tiny nose twitching and smelling my hand.

However, that morning there was no movement. Thot he was just being really lazy (Oh well, usu he would just eat, sleep and mess up the cage. He hardly used his wheel to exercise, only used it as another sleeping place ^^") I started making some noise to wake him up. But there was still no movement. Weird....So i opened the top compartment to take a peek. I was scared that he had escaped. (He went missing 3x before, mind you. Tt smart fella.) But I saw him there under the 'stairs' as always, 'sleeping' peacefully. I made even more noise. But he didn't move an inch. I start to get nauseous. Sth must be wrong. I sniffed at the cage. But there was no smell. If he had ...died.... there would be some smell right? Then I took a pen. I nudged him lightly and was mortified when his body was so stiff. I nudged again, harder. This time my body went stiff.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He looked like he was just sleeping. So peaceful....However, my dear Bacon had left this world. I was really scared. Didn't dare to touch him. Couldn't believe he would go so unexpectedly quick.

Sayonara, Bacon. You've been a great companion. I just hope that I had been a good owner. I just hope that you had gone peacefully. I'll miss playing with you. I'll miss watching you nibble your food or bite my shorts or wreak havoc when u went missing. Sayonara...

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