Monday, March 26, 2007


It started with just the 2 of them, who were always there for each other; sharing happy and sad moments, laughter and tears.

More came along the way, to share jokes, rantings and bitchings, panda biscuits, ricola and milo.

They are there to keep an eye on one another's back and keep one another strong.

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity" - Proverbs 17:17

It's week 13 now and things are getting crazy. Really glad I have friends who keep me sane amidst all the madness, who make me laugh till my face hurts despite the anxieties, who listen to my complaints and rantings despite having having problems of their own and who patienly explain stuff to me altho I have a Windows 98 for a brain. So very thankful that God sent them to be my friends :):)

PS: This is so random, but as I was browsing my photo album (i was feeling emo cuz i freakin failed my tax test. again. tax...urgh!) I found these pics, which were randomly taken by Alds during youth camp, and thought these pics make a very sweet story :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Phew, soooo many march babies I can hardly keep up. One b'day party after another and more to come. And it's a freakin wk 11/12 of sch. shucks... busy busy busy haha... Well i've said the happy bday's but again to all u march babies....

happy b'day cynthia
happy b'day erlina
happy b'day daniel O.
happy b'day olivia
happy b'day daniel A.
happy b'day my annoying lil' sis, clarissa. miss bickering with u :)
happy b'day erwin
happy b'day fiona
happy b'day clara
happy b'day xue wei

and to cynthia, erlina, clara n xue wei - welcome to Club 21! hee hee....

Okie, i need to get ready for fiona's b'day now. Sod the stupid fiim, twc and tax report i'm sposed to do. lalalalala.....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

So U Think U Can Dance

Er.. no i dun think i can dance. I suck. Totally. That's why i didn't feel lyk going for yesterday's class. Besides I've AIS quiz on friday, and i've read only 30 pages out of 200 pages.

BUT, i'm glad i went. u noe why?

Cuz Ashle Dawson and Ashlee Nino was the instructor-of-the-day! In case u have been living in Mars, they are the winners of So U Think U Can Dance, season 1 & 2, respectively. I kinda knew they were coming, but thot that was juz publicity.

They are shorter than I thought. But they are sooo nice, esp Dawson. But maybe that's cuz she taught most of the time. But neways, she was really really sweet, funny, encouraging and fun fun fun! Even if you dunno how to dance, she juz makes u wanna move ur body. And even if you make mistakes, you won't go, "Oh shit, I'm so dumb." Instead, you'd go, "Oh, who cares." So basically she just wanted us to have fun. For the first time, I was thoroughly enjoying the dance class :) :)

So yep, despite the fact that the class was pretty tough and tiring, I had fun. Argh, wish i dun haf AIS quiz tmr. 170 more pages to go. It's soooo super duper boring. WTH am i doing here?!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kamen Rider

Forgot to include these kewl pics we took on Fenny's bday. Viny was wearing so-she-called-it 'kamen rider' shades, so each of us took a turn to wear it :P

And the most kewl ones:

Monday, March 12, 2007

How do u peeps like my revamped blog? Hee... think i got tired of the old, dark and gloomy template and decided to use this white clean-cut template. Was thinking of adding some fancy stuff but now no time.

Argh! 3 reports, 1 quiz, 1 test, plus assignments. Argh!!! this wk's a killer. the nxt one, too. and the next and the next.... >.<

My first cake!

Ok this entry is lyk 3 wks late. But like they say - better late than never.

Neways, 26th of Feb was Fenny's 21st bday and I wanted to do 'sth special'. Was thinking of doing some craft stuff but i've been doing tt so often and i didn't haf much time to make sth really nice. Been watching this HK drama about baking and stuff where they make lots n lots of too-pretty-to-eat cakes and that made me wanna make cakes like those too (someday I will...) I've liked baking, but usually my role is just a baker assistant to my mom and hafn been baking since SMoo made my life soo super hectic. So i decided to bake my first cake just for Fenny *awwww....*

I started experimenting with brownies for my dad's b'day, which was on Feb also. It was just an excuse to mess up the kitchen actually cuz my dad dun really like cakes. I didn't know baking is a lot of work, esp since I'm a noob and I did everything by myself . Really thankful for my ever-so-patient, helpful and encouraging mom. I've this habit of starting sth and not finishing it. So when i baked, i dun usually finish the cleaning up. Thankfully my wonderful mom did the cleaning and washing up (I do the cleaning up now, fyi). The brownies turned ok tho it looked NOTHING like in the picture. It tasted ok too, for a first attempt. It was juz a bit dry when it was sposed to be fudgy. Thankful for the ppl who agreed to be my guinea pigs (they're still alive, fyi).

So I braced myself for baking cakes. And guess how my first choc cake turned out? Let's just say my mom jokingly said that I've invented a new kind of cake, called the 'Volcano' and that it looked cool. erm... thanks, mom.

It wasn't bad (nth's really bad if u use choc, i think), but definitely not presentable. I realised i read the recipe wrongly. It asked for fresh milk. I used powdered milk o.O

"If at first you don't succeed, try n try again". So try again, I did. And this is how it looked like.

Still looked like a volcano, but at least better; the first one was lopsided. I really think the oven was the problem (and of course, my lousy skill). Even my mom had already warned me b4. Uneven heat, I think.

But after an Extreme Makeover....

Not bad, eh....

The b'day girl and my cake :):)

The 2 people who seemed to enjoy the cake the most. haha....

thx for the nice comments guys. Really appreciate it :):)

Hmmm but i think it was juz Ernest's ploy to make me make him my signature potato salad, which he likes very much. hee...

Another Extreme Makeover done to the first 'Volcano'

Ittadakimasu! :)

If u notice, actually the top and bottom layer are different cuz they are from different batch. The top part was made by my mom (cuz one of the volcanoes cudnt be used :P). It's drier but my mom added rum to it.

The bottom part is softer, more spongy and more chocolatey. Made by me, of coz.

All the guys who ate it (abt 6 of them), except for one prefer the top, while all the girls like the bottom. I didnt tell them tt my mom made the top part until after they ate it.

I'm not trying to be psychologist or anything, but these are the possible analysis:

  1. Guys like motherly touch. I'm not saying girls don't. But er how shud i say this... guys still prefer their mother than their girlfriend/girl-friend.
  2. Guys. Alcohol. 'Nuff said.
  3. Girls are naturally 'soft-natured'. And we make ppl happy. (if u dunno alr, choc induce the production of endorphine - the feel-good chemical) In essence, we are sweet, soft, and nice ;)
  4. Whereas, guys likes to act tough, hard-headed and dry. LOL.... generalisation, of coz.
  5. (go infer some more)

Okie, the end of the long post. gah! shud be studying my tax now. ciao!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Yay!! Finally i can access my account again. Stupid blogger waste my precious time trying to fix the problem. But yay, it's alrite now :)