Sunday, May 06, 2007

"I'm a First Aider. I can help!"

Wait a minute... me? a first-aider???

That's right! You read right. I am now a CERTIFIED first aider. I kid you not. I've passed my first aid course. With flying colors, mind you. Tee hee... it's not often I pass an exam with flying colors :)

Finally, after sacrificing 3 whole Sundays on that course, it's finally over. Was quite worried I wouldn't pass the exams cuz I only started studying this morning. I mean, seriously... I'd feel real stupid if I can even fail a first aid course. After all, I kinda joined my school's youth red cross when I was in sec 1. Besides, this course ain't cheap yea. Cost me $90 + 3 Sundays! Bleah.... Cud've spent it on some nice tops or shoes or spent the time baking or hanging out.

But thank God, I passed. Anyways, the course was quite enjoyable, surprisingly. Thot it'll be boring. But the instructor was really funny with lotsa stories. And the people from Eduro PF are really funny. Always making jokes. So overall, it was quite fun.

So guys, "If anything happens, just scream" (like what ST said). And Caressa, the first aider will come and help ya. Complete with the cheesy line, "I'm a first aider. I can help!" ;)

PS: Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong, I shall not be liable. But rest assured, I'll do my best. Haha.... :P

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I want more hols! >.<

I must be the laziest blogger. Summer's been on for 3 weeks already and i haven't posted a single entry since end of exams. It's weird. Seem like during hols that i'm more busy, esp in some days. But it's fun busy, not annoyingly exhausting busy, kinda days. Remember last dec hols? I was hardly home for 3/4 of my hols. But it was fun!

But dang, my hols ended too friggin' soon and now i'm already starting my audit internship. Yep, today's my 3rd day already. One word: SIAN!

One thing for sure, my internship isn't slack at all. My mentor already asked me to look at financial statements and do audit right from the very first day. Granted, the company is like a dormant company and the financial statement looked simple enough (for eg, there's only 1 item for income in the P&L) But still, I was like, "Wth?!? I haven't even taken my audit mod. Let alone do audit."

He was like, "Never mind. Audit very easy. Just follow how they do it last year. Dun understand anything, can ask me."

Right. I don't even know what to ask. Hell, I don't even know where to start. Totally lost. Even if I wanna follow last year's, some of the figures are totally different. Gah.... whatever.

But now it's slightly, only slightly, better. I kinda understand the company a bit and I'm actually doing most of the things myself, like vouching and even preparing the audit report. haha.... I just hope I've done them correctly cuz seriously, half the time I'm just sort of following last year's audit work.

Anyways, 3 days is enough to convince me that I don't want to be an auditor. Who says accounting is interesting? Who says accounting is 'more than just number crunching'?
Rubbish, I tell ya. Accounting's super boring. And it's nothing but looking at numbers, numbers and more numbers. Yucks. Zettai yadda!

Oh ya, have I told you that accounting and I are just not meant to be? I believe I'm jinxed when it comes to accounting. Seriously. I'm 100% sure. I can prove it. Let's see.... So far ALL my acctg mod projects are totally screwed up. As in it's either the final work is screwed or even if the end-product is good but the process of doing could just kill me. Then ALL my acctg modules grades are erm.... let's just say even Owen was totally shocked and kept saying," OMG, OMG, OMG!" when I told him my grades. Yep they are that bad. All of them. And there are more accounting horror stories. But I shall not bore you.

Sigh.... I've no freakin' clue why I'm still doing my acctg degree. Not like I've a choice though. Sigh.... Back to internship, at least my mentor isn't bad at all. In fact, I feel bad for him to have me as his intern. I must be the most clueless intern. I even forgot whether an increase in income is a debit or credit :P Well, I just hope my internship ends soon. Hee....