Sunday, May 06, 2007

"I'm a First Aider. I can help!"

Wait a minute... me? a first-aider???

That's right! You read right. I am now a CERTIFIED first aider. I kid you not. I've passed my first aid course. With flying colors, mind you. Tee hee... it's not often I pass an exam with flying colors :)

Finally, after sacrificing 3 whole Sundays on that course, it's finally over. Was quite worried I wouldn't pass the exams cuz I only started studying this morning. I mean, seriously... I'd feel real stupid if I can even fail a first aid course. After all, I kinda joined my school's youth red cross when I was in sec 1. Besides, this course ain't cheap yea. Cost me $90 + 3 Sundays! Bleah.... Cud've spent it on some nice tops or shoes or spent the time baking or hanging out.

But thank God, I passed. Anyways, the course was quite enjoyable, surprisingly. Thot it'll be boring. But the instructor was really funny with lotsa stories. And the people from Eduro PF are really funny. Always making jokes. So overall, it was quite fun.

So guys, "If anything happens, just scream" (like what ST said). And Caressa, the first aider will come and help ya. Complete with the cheesy line, "I'm a first aider. I can help!" ;)

PS: Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong, I shall not be liable. But rest assured, I'll do my best. Haha.... :P


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