Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tree-top Walk

FINALLY! Went to the HSBC Tree-top Walk this afternoon with the Pathfinders. Been asking ard for ppl to go with me for like the longest time. hee...

The walk started fr Venus Drive carpark. Thot it was just a short walk to get to the bridge, but it was like a 2km walk on steep, rough trails. And i was wearing beach slippers, cuz left my shoes in school. Very uncomfy, i tell u. But it's ok. If I could survive a hike in a trail-less jungle (real jungle, mind u) with an injured leg in Sarawak, MacRitchie trail was piece of cake ;)

Neways, some of them complained that the tree-top walk was too short. But I wasn't complaining. I gotta admit I haf a tiny weeny bit phobia of height. To make matters worse, dark clouds hung ominously above us and there were occasional lightning and some of them had to mention that some suspension bridge in Malaysia had actually collapsed before. So yea, it was quite a erm... freaky fun experience walking on a suspension bridge. Unfortunately, we didn't spot any interesting critters during the hike. Only monkeys. Lots of them. Duh... Like we dun already them in our group :P Oh btw, those monkey are ferociou, man. At least they sounded like it. When we first heard them, we thought they were boars.

After the bridge was another loooong walk to the ranger station. Lots of climbing. And some kidos fr our gp went missing. See lah, act tough n walk fast. Hehe.

Lesson learnt: Walk slowly but steadily; and enjoy the nature. Oh and do read d signs. Sheesh, and to think they are Pathfinders. Cud still get themselves lost even with all the road signs...

But thank God, every1 got back safely and it only drizzled a teeny bit. Better still, Aunt Alicia rewarded us with Mint Choc imported directly from Sweden :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Warm weather + haze = >.<

Creeps, really hate today's weather. It's so warm and still hazy. But the moment I turn on the air-con, I feel sleepy. Grr...I can't concentrate on my corp rep. Help! Tolong! Tasukete kure!!

Oh i'm beginning to dislike my blog template. So.... dark. Wanna change but no time to meddle with HTML n stuff. (- -")

Righto, back to my boring notes.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dreamy S'pore

This morning set off from home pretty early cuz gotta rehearse for CAT presentation. While I was walkin towards the MRT, my surroundings look so dreamy. It was misty and when I looked up and saw the beautiful red dish sun. Basically I felt like I was in some mountaneous area. I felt strangely contented, but at the same time, choked. Oh wait... it wasn't mist. It was the haze. Sigh.... Why is the haze still here?! What's Indo govt been doing? I hate staying indoors all the time. Too much air-con's definitely not good for my skin >.<

Neways, today decided to do some good deed. Yep... I donated my blood. Again :)

Surprisingly, there were quite a number of ppl, which was good n bad. Good cuz then more lives can be saved. Bad cuz d whole process took abt 1.5 hrs. 80% of the time was waiting time. The blood-drawing itself took only abt 5 mins. Prolly cuz i was quite pissed, so d blood flowed rather quickly. haha... hey they served ppl who came later than me ok. Hmph....

Poor Krish wanted to donate also. But got rejected - for the 3rd time! He was pretty bitter about it. Haha... That's y lah. Take care of urself.

Okie gotta go mug again for corp reporting, which is a very dull lesson. But i gotta make up for my last quiz which got as good as 0. Yea, my prediction was quite accurate, unfortch. Saaa, i promise I won't brood over it anymore. 2 days were enuf...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Mom's First Time

There will always be that 'first time' no matter how old you are.

Guess what?! Mom donated her blood this afternoon... for the first time. Lolx. SO proud of her. She's by no means young - she's in her late 50's, mind you. So yea, way to go, mom! =D

If my mom can do it, what r u waiting for Shans, Cymies, and all u chicken-hearted guys? Heez...

Hmm, feel lyk donating my blood this Wed at Smoo. After all my turn's due already. Anyone wanna join me??

Friday, October 13, 2006


Argh! Which idiot actually focus on background rather than foreground?! *box own head*
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Want...

It's Thurs - 3 more days till break is over. Have been quite unproductive. I noe I should be mugging now, since all my tests n quizzes have been extremely unsatisfactory. Yet, I chose to go to Esplande's Glutton Bay to have dinner today.

There are sposed to be at least 10 ppl to go, but ended up with 6 ppl (and the 2 of them came much later. Haiyo, tt couple...). Ppl juz love last minute cancellation, don't they? So my plan to go earlier to take some pixies was cancelled because I had to wait for Fens. I couldn't possible let her walk alone with the 2 freshie boys, can I? Who knows what they'd do. Lolx... j/k. The Sujus are very nice ppl :)

So yep, by the time she finished her meeting, it was too dark to take nice pixies. The stupid cumulonimbus cloud also chose to come at tt time. Making the sky even darker. Luckily, it only drizzled for awhile, otherwise we won't be able to haf dinner at Glutton Bay.

Dinner was good. Had some nice chat. And after the couple arrived, we took some pixies. The last few turned out really nice. Love the S'pore River/CBD background with all it's lights. Too bad every1 was rather tired. We cud've walked to Fullerton side and take more pics. There are nicer places there. But oh well...

So yea, I've been experimenting with D70s (courtesy of Alds). Sigh... I want one *hint* Or a Canon RebelTX *hint*. My good ol' Canon's no fun anymore. There's even D80 and Canon EOS 3**sth now. But too expensive. Oh btw, my b'day's coming in exactly 2 mths (wow, what a coincidence). So, *cough-hint* getting a DSLR will be fab *cough-hint*

Hee... ok I should go sleep now. Gonna take a morning walk in the park tmr and shoot some more pixies :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Piece!

Some of u haf asked me, "Wth is One Piece or Strawhat Pirate?"

Well, my friend, One Piece (created by Eiichiro Oda) is one of the best anime/manga I've ever watch/read. Or should I say THE BEST (I personally prefer the anime). I love it so very much that I'm gonna make an entry dedicated to it.

Basically, One Piece tells the journey of the Strawhat Pirate crew in search of a treasure called One Piece, which was left behind by the deceased pirate king, Gol D. Roger and the pursuing of each of the character's dream.

One Piece is probably one of the most comical anime ever, with a very interesting twist in storyline. Watch One Piece and be prepared to be transported to a world full of wonderfully amazing adventure - an adventure full of action, suspense, laughter, and craziness. It tells great story of friendship, perseverance, bravery, etc. You'll get to laugh, rave, balk, cringe, cry and smile together with the characters. Believe me, once you start, you won't wanna stop.

While watching, I often find myself laughing out loud or raising my hand while punching the air, saying "Yosh!" As u might've known, I'm an easily bored person. One Piece has reached its 279th episode and 7th movie and yet, I'm still begging for more. Every week I'll be eagerly waiting to download the latest episode from
ADC or watch it from YouTube.

Alright, enough of all these praise-singing. Just go watch and find out for yourself. Like I said, it's reached ep 279, which is a lot (I've been watching since I was in sec sch). If you're interested, I suggest you watch starting from ep 263, which is about their adventure in Ennies Lobby. If not, watch movie 4, which I think is one of the best ones. Just type "One Piece (ep. no)" or "movie 4" on YouTube. Let me know if you've become a new convert =D

PS: If u wanna find out more about One Piece, click

Monday, October 09, 2006


Phew. The hectic weeks are over, temporarily. I can breathe a little now after all those brain-juice-draining muggings. Only for a day tho, cuz tho it's term break now, my week is fully booked. But well, looking at the bright side, its better than nothing.

Still, residual of the negative feelings are threatening to surface every now and then. Just got the finance result back. It's pretty disappointing. Sigh.... I hate having these kinda feelings. How I wish I could escape to a different world - the "One Piece" world. Become a Strawhat Pirate crew. Where what really matters is pursuing your dreams, no matter how silly they are, and having fun even tho you are constantly being bombarded by obstacles cuz ur being surrounded by crazy but wonderful and genuine people, while travelling around the world.

I wish I dunno the feeling of being a failure. I wish I could be like that little kid that came with his parents during cell group. He is too young to understand the worries of life. He kept running around the house, jump here and there and kept laughing for no particular reason (or at least reason that grown-ups like me won't understand). I miss being carefree.

Arh! Why am thinking about these things. Now, now, I shouldn't brood over such things, should I?

On happier note, BRATz choir had its second special music last Sabbath. I am proud to say that we sang pretty well, relatively speaking of course. Even the adults were like, "My, that was a beautiful special music. Should do that more often." Haha... The song was lovely, too. I personally love that song - "If the saviour stood beside me". The only minor glitch was that the pianist forgot some parts. Hee.... (It's ok Zoee, we still love u!)

Alrite then, since it's midterm break I think I should spare some time for myself tomorrow. Wake up late, buy myself a tub of Rocky Road ice cream for breakfast and watch my fav anime at the comfort of my air-conditioned room, before heading down to Fenny's to moon/star-gaze.

Then maybe I can make a more coherent entry :P

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Totally Screwed

Alright, it's official that my grades are, more of less, screwed.

Just finished CAT midterm, and yep, u guessed it. I just sat down there, scratching my head and sighing. Dunno whether I should cry or laugh.

So, in summary:
CAT - screwed (cudn't do midterm)
FT - screwed (assgn got penalise heavily)
Corp Rep - screwed (cudn't do quiz)

Stay tune for more:
Finance - ?
Co. Law - ?

Weird. The harder I try, the more fucked up everything becomes.

Maybe I really shud go back to Indo and find a husband (rich one, of course), just like what everybody suggests...