Monday, October 09, 2006


Phew. The hectic weeks are over, temporarily. I can breathe a little now after all those brain-juice-draining muggings. Only for a day tho, cuz tho it's term break now, my week is fully booked. But well, looking at the bright side, its better than nothing.

Still, residual of the negative feelings are threatening to surface every now and then. Just got the finance result back. It's pretty disappointing. Sigh.... I hate having these kinda feelings. How I wish I could escape to a different world - the "One Piece" world. Become a Strawhat Pirate crew. Where what really matters is pursuing your dreams, no matter how silly they are, and having fun even tho you are constantly being bombarded by obstacles cuz ur being surrounded by crazy but wonderful and genuine people, while travelling around the world.

I wish I dunno the feeling of being a failure. I wish I could be like that little kid that came with his parents during cell group. He is too young to understand the worries of life. He kept running around the house, jump here and there and kept laughing for no particular reason (or at least reason that grown-ups like me won't understand). I miss being carefree.

Arh! Why am thinking about these things. Now, now, I shouldn't brood over such things, should I?

On happier note, BRATz choir had its second special music last Sabbath. I am proud to say that we sang pretty well, relatively speaking of course. Even the adults were like, "My, that was a beautiful special music. Should do that more often." Haha... The song was lovely, too. I personally love that song - "If the saviour stood beside me". The only minor glitch was that the pianist forgot some parts. Hee.... (It's ok Zoee, we still love u!)

Alrite then, since it's midterm break I think I should spare some time for myself tomorrow. Wake up late, buy myself a tub of Rocky Road ice cream for breakfast and watch my fav anime at the comfort of my air-conditioned room, before heading down to Fenny's to moon/star-gaze.

Then maybe I can make a more coherent entry :P

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