Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shop Till You Drop

Here's part 2 to my Dec hols.

As I've mentioned, a day after the PF camp, I went to Bangkok for holidays. It was my first time travelling purely for enjoyment without parents. I've travelled alone before of course. But those are like for missionary or school trips with a big group of ppl. So yea. So exciting!

I tagged along with the Perera's cuz they happened to be going to BKK. Besides, Lakshi and Dinu can speak Thai, so it'll be easy to buy stuff there. I tell you, goin to bkk let me experience the true meaning of 'Shop till you drop'. I litterally shop till I dropped. Every single day spent in bkk never see me goin back to hotel empty-handed. For one whole week, less the 2 days spent in MC, we just shop and shop and shop. There are sooo many cheap but good stuff. Most of them are from the latest fashion, too. I really regret not bringing more $$.

If you know me, you'd definitely concur that I don't really fancy shopping. I can go without shopping for months and I won't even miss it. And if I do go shopping, usu my shopping buddy will get frustrated with me cuz I'd take ages to decide on a buy. I'd really consider if my buy is worth the money and if it's sth that I would really use, not just crams my room and collects dust.
So when I was in bkk, even I surprise myself. On average, my 'contemplating' time was sth like 3 mins. That's like at least 5X faster than normal. Moreover, we travelled to Naram, Central World, MBK/Siam area and even waking up at 6am in the morning to go to the morning market at Bobae (on diff days of course). Seriously, I was just so exhausted, that after we came back from shopping in Naram on the last day, I just K.O.ed on the bed. I was down with fever and my gastric acted up. Talkin about 'shop till u drop', huh? I guess my body was just not used to such excessive shopping. LOL....

Bkk is truly a great shopping place. From high-end shops to road-side stalls. I wish I had brought my cam around all the time. The malls are superb. And cuz we came during Dec, they're all decorated in pretty ornaments and bright, brilliant lights. It definitely felt more like x'mas in bkk than in sg. The decorations are really amazing!

Oh and talking about Siam Paragon, VivoCity is nothing compared to it. And all the great malls - Siam Paragon, Siam centre, MBK, etc, - are located within walking distance from one another. Yes, the Orchard area is sth like tt too. BUT what really differentiates is that there different malls have different shops; unlike here, where u can get almost exactly the same shops in every malls (which untill now still baffles me why in the world they wanna built similar malls just next to each other).

Anyhow, after I came back i realised that I actually didn't shop THAT much. I guess goin to so many shopping places and being surrounded by shops and stalls gave me the illusion that i've shopped like hell. oh and worse, i dun actually like some of the stuff tt much cuz i bought them on impulse. sigh.... But still, most of them are really good buys and am happy! :):)

I dunno where all my $$ gone to tho. Food maybe. Oh shite, dun get me started on food now (i almost forgot!). The food there are GREAT, FANTASTIC, and FINGER-LICKIN' GOOD. I ate papaya salad and tom yum till I got the 'runs'. LOL... but i loved it :D

Well, it's less than half an hr to new yr now. Even my entry don't seem so coherent now. Haha... whatever. Pics time! then I'll go for countdown :P

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rain rain go away!

Oh gosh, will the rain ever stop?! sigh... because of the friggin' rain i've like 2 cancelled movie dates. Everyone just feel so lazy to go out of the house, including myself. So the only movie i managed to watch this week is Curse of the Golden Flower. And that's cuz we watched it at J8, which is only 10mins away from home :P

Caution: Spoiler ahead.

Anyways, 5 of us (the Perera girls, my sis n I) juz decided to go out and watch some movie like less than 2 hours b4 the movie started. Wanted to go watch Eragon, but the showtime was rather late. So we decided on CGF. I don't usually watch non-western show in the cinema, but CGF looks kinda interesting. It looked like it's gonna be a hit, something like the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gong Li stars in it, 'nuff said.

To be honest, the show's really predictable. I predicted every plot correctly. Well, almost. I guess I didn't predict that the youngest son was gonna be a murderer and everyone, except the king, was gonna die.

Although the plot's predictable (as u watch the show at least), but the story's still very twisted, I think. I heard that the show's based on history. If it's true, China must have had real sick people as rulers during the Tang dynasty. If not, the scriptwriter must be sick to think up of such craziness. Like I said, everyone, except the king, died (well, i'm not sure abt the queen, but i think she died; it's not explicitly shown.).

Basically, the king wants to kill the queen by making her drink poisonous "medicine". So the queen plans to rebel, assisted by the 2nd son, during the crysanthemum fest. Btw, the queen is having an affair with the 1st son (not her real son of coz). So the killing frenzy occurs during the fest. Begun by the youngest son killing the 1st son. The poor lil boy was confused after eavesdropping on conversations and he became angry, u see. So the king got angry cuz his fav son is killed. So he kills his youngest son. 2 down.

Next, the 2nd son heads the rebellion. Sadly, he's outnumbered and lost. The crazy king then made the mother and son sit with him on the table and went on with the fest. He'll forgive the 2nd son absurdity if he'll make the queen drink the medicine. Being a filial son, he killed himself. Erm, along the way, the clich├ęd, said-to-be-dead-but-actually-alive mother of the first son appeared and her whole new fam got killed. So yea, crazy, huh?

Although predictable, it's still quite a good show, in a weird way. Gong Li, as always, is a good actress. So is Chow Yun-Fat. Jay Chou? Erm... oh well, he's a first-timer, isn't he? What really amused me was that as I look around after the show ended, I noticed there are quite a number of ppl watching it as a family. Quite a lot of kids, some grandmoms and dads. I mean, plot-wise this is definitely NOT a family movie. Secondly, the show's quite bloody. Honestly, those parents shud noe wat kind of movie that is.

Y'know, after the show we went shopping. lakshi was showing some clothes but no one paid attention. Then my sis said,"Hey u guys better listen to what she's saying. Who knows she might be like the youngest son"

Maybe I should be kinder to my sis, too. Hmmm...

Monday, December 25, 2006

PF camp

As promised from now on, there will be pics galore! I have like tonnes of pics. What can I say, we're a bunch of action-loving vainpots. LOLs..... It makes life easier too since I don't haf to say much. Hehe...

Well, these ones are taken during PF camp. It was a lovely, although unfortunately not very challenging camp. More like a relax and enjoy kinda camp. Totally not like all the camps I had before. The ground wasn't even that hard. AND we got a PALACE (as nicknamed by the other envious PFers)! Yep. The tent was the largest and there were only Sheena and I. Great, huh? :D

Think the only tough times we had to go through was during mealtimes. You see, we didn't haf a portable stove, neither did we haf parafin. No point finding for firewood, cuz it was PASIR RIS PARK - whereever can u find firewood?! Besides it's illegal to set up fire on the ground. Sooo we made use of the BBQ pit and cooked over charcoal. Yep, u read it rite....charcoal. I wondered if cooking using charcoal was included in the PF manual. Cuz i tell u, it took us forever to cook. There wasn't even proper fire (those who've done bbq-ing wud noe what I mean). But we managed somehow. Cuz oh we are the Pathfinders strong!

Daytimes was great. Not too warm but enough sun to give me slight tan. Nighttimes were really lovely. As we lie inside our tent, we could feel the sea breeze blowing, hear the palm trees rustling, the waves crashing, and Daniel playing the guitar faintly (he was emo-ing, u see). Bliss!

The kids were well-behaved, surprisingly. None complained of the er... rather bland food. They're such onz bunch of kiddos too :):)

Pics time!

Yay! for Pathfinders!!

Our "palace" before being striked down. It's my fav color too :):)

Look how big it was compared to the other tents. Btw inside that puny tent were Dan and Shan. Poor Shan cudn't even stretch his long legs fully. We did consider exchanging our tent. BUT....

We love Pathfinders!

The rest of the pics are still with aunty Alicia, btw.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Want A Bright & Sunny X'mas!

Bleah xP

It's been raining the whole bleedy day. Actually it's been raining the past 2 weeks. What a gloomy X'mas eve. Had wanted to go downtown to catch the Samba's performance but the weather just makes one wanna stay home and get cosy under the warm blanket. A cup of hot cocoa would be splendid too.

So here I am, on a x'mas eve, sitting in front of my trusty laptop sorting out the photos from my holidays (yes, i finally got them fr shan n alden) and listening to x'mas songs. Feet wrapped up in old but comfy woollen socks. It beats being shoved left and right by eager merrymakers and tormented serenaded by the croaking singing of the too-many-that-you-don't-noe-which-belongs-to-which carollers.

Speaking of carolling, the Adventurers and the Pathfinders went carolling yesterday to 4 houses. Most of the songs have high notes, luckily the kiddos can reach them. That would be my second time carolling. The first time was at Genesis resturant on last Wednesday. I guess we did fine. We got the kiddos to cover us up yesterday While at Genesis, although there we just 7 of the youths, I noticed most of the diners finished their food and no one suddenly ran off the the restroom. LOL.... Still, you won't be seeing me belting my hearts out at Orchard Rd anytime soon, if not ever, I'm afraid.

Anyways I hope tmr will be a much brighter and sunnier day! That will be my x'mas wish then. And my mom's too, i think. She's been complaining of the laundry not getting dry.

Hope all of you have been good boys and girls. You wouldn't want Santa Claus to strike u off his list, would u? ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! and good night :):)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Hols!!

HAPPY DECEMBER!! alrite, i think i blog less during hols than during term time. hee.... I have my excuse ok. Soooo many things, so many occassions right after my exams that I dunno where to start. And it had been a flurry of packing, unpacking and re-packing for the past 2.5 weeks. And I have no pics yet! *groan* My cam still with my sis, who is like thousands of miles across the indian ocean (or is it pacific?!).

So I shall juz briefly recount what happened and will fill u in with the details when the pics are ready ;)

Rite, so 2 days after my exams, on the 1st of Dec, I was off to Pasir Ris park for Pathfinder camp, which lasted for 3 days 2 nights. Then 2 days later after i got back, off i was to the land of freedom (ie. Thailand) and of course the land of mindless shopping for a full week!! Then rite after I got back fr Bkk, the next day I was gone for Youth Camp at Port Dickson. And so it was home sweet home yesterday nite. Phew....

I'm down with flu now and still kinda tired. So I shall just wait for the pics. After all a picture is worth a thousand words rite. hehe.... (*juz an excuse for my laziness to write*). In the meantime I shall catch up on my readings. Till then... :):)