Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Want A Bright & Sunny X'mas!

Bleah xP

It's been raining the whole bleedy day. Actually it's been raining the past 2 weeks. What a gloomy X'mas eve. Had wanted to go downtown to catch the Samba's performance but the weather just makes one wanna stay home and get cosy under the warm blanket. A cup of hot cocoa would be splendid too.

So here I am, on a x'mas eve, sitting in front of my trusty laptop sorting out the photos from my holidays (yes, i finally got them fr shan n alden) and listening to x'mas songs. Feet wrapped up in old but comfy woollen socks. It beats being shoved left and right by eager merrymakers and tormented serenaded by the croaking singing of the too-many-that-you-don't-noe-which-belongs-to-which carollers.

Speaking of carolling, the Adventurers and the Pathfinders went carolling yesterday to 4 houses. Most of the songs have high notes, luckily the kiddos can reach them. That would be my second time carolling. The first time was at Genesis resturant on last Wednesday. I guess we did fine. We got the kiddos to cover us up yesterday While at Genesis, although there we just 7 of the youths, I noticed most of the diners finished their food and no one suddenly ran off the the restroom. LOL.... Still, you won't be seeing me belting my hearts out at Orchard Rd anytime soon, if not ever, I'm afraid.

Anyways I hope tmr will be a much brighter and sunnier day! That will be my x'mas wish then. And my mom's too, i think. She's been complaining of the laundry not getting dry.

Hope all of you have been good boys and girls. You wouldn't want Santa Claus to strike u off his list, would u? ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! and good night :):)

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