Monday, December 25, 2006

PF camp

As promised from now on, there will be pics galore! I have like tonnes of pics. What can I say, we're a bunch of action-loving vainpots. LOLs..... It makes life easier too since I don't haf to say much. Hehe...

Well, these ones are taken during PF camp. It was a lovely, although unfortunately not very challenging camp. More like a relax and enjoy kinda camp. Totally not like all the camps I had before. The ground wasn't even that hard. AND we got a PALACE (as nicknamed by the other envious PFers)! Yep. The tent was the largest and there were only Sheena and I. Great, huh? :D

Think the only tough times we had to go through was during mealtimes. You see, we didn't haf a portable stove, neither did we haf parafin. No point finding for firewood, cuz it was PASIR RIS PARK - whereever can u find firewood?! Besides it's illegal to set up fire on the ground. Sooo we made use of the BBQ pit and cooked over charcoal. Yep, u read it rite....charcoal. I wondered if cooking using charcoal was included in the PF manual. Cuz i tell u, it took us forever to cook. There wasn't even proper fire (those who've done bbq-ing wud noe what I mean). But we managed somehow. Cuz oh we are the Pathfinders strong!

Daytimes was great. Not too warm but enough sun to give me slight tan. Nighttimes were really lovely. As we lie inside our tent, we could feel the sea breeze blowing, hear the palm trees rustling, the waves crashing, and Daniel playing the guitar faintly (he was emo-ing, u see). Bliss!

The kids were well-behaved, surprisingly. None complained of the er... rather bland food. They're such onz bunch of kiddos too :):)

Pics time!

Yay! for Pathfinders!!

Our "palace" before being striked down. It's my fav color too :):)

Look how big it was compared to the other tents. Btw inside that puny tent were Dan and Shan. Poor Shan cudn't even stretch his long legs fully. We did consider exchanging our tent. BUT....

We love Pathfinders!

The rest of the pics are still with aunty Alicia, btw.

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