Tuesday, May 30, 2006

You Are 40% Girly
You are a pretty hardcore tomboy, and a very free spirit.Gender roles be dammed, you like to do things your way.
How Girly Are You?

Monday, May 29, 2006

'Touring' time!

Today's church-cleaning day was pretty quiet, esp in the youth room cuz most of them are in the bible camp. U might be askin, why am i not there. Well, i was never interested in that kinda thing, unless there's a carrot for me for going. Hehe.... So yea, there was only me, my sis n calvin Q in d morning before gazel, roch n laksa come much later. Andy and Sze tuan were sposed to come, but those 2 are so lazy. Sigh...

Neways, tmr we (me, my sis, roch n laksa) are gonna act like tourist. We're gonna walk ard some tourists' spots in d central area and juz gonna take loads of pics. Oh well, this kinda things are bound to happen during hols time when we've got nothing better to do (well, doing chores isn't quite counted as 'better' things to do :P). Like 3 wks ago, me n my GFs went 'touring' round Sentosa Island. Was sposed to be suntanning, but the sun chose to take a break on tt day, so we ended up going round d island on open-top buses and even goin to the new Imbian Lookout to try the Luge. It was quite fun.

Man, i noe i should be getting a job. I'm like so broke and it's THE ever-so-awaited-for Great S'pore Sale time, for goodness sake. I wanna go shopping! but got no money!! Arrgghh... But i'm so lazy. Maybe the day after tmr i'll start finding for jobs again. Besides stayin home, watchin movies and eating snacks all the time don't do any good to my poor tummy. and thighs. and arms. Heez....

Oh well, gotta rest early today. Lotsa things to do tmr. Nitey nite.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So Bored....

Oh man, hols can be darn boring if ur havin it for too long. 1 mth and 3 days of hols to be exact. So i decided to write sth, since it's been mths since my last entry. I even had forgotten my password.

Nth interesting so far, juz my bag being stolen. Well yea, 2 wks ago, when i was shopping in carrefour with my mom, 2 a**h***s stole my bag. My new gold bag somemore. And in it are my purse, IC, mobile n other stuff. Yep, tt's my 4th mobile gone in 2 yrs. What luck!! I really haf no idea why my luck is so friggin bad. I juz lost my hp last dec, n b4 tt, lost it only a couple of mths b4. Maybe Esther is right. I have a bad karma with hp. Sheesh... it's always either i lose my stuff or some1 stole it. 2X lost hp, 2X stolen. And now my whole bag for goodness sake. My blood boils everytime i think abt tt incident. I just feel lyk cursing those 2 till they die!

U might be askin, how do i noe there are 2 thieves. Well (n this is wat i told tt stupid policeman too, n y is he stupid? i'll elaborate soon) while i was in d choc section, choosin wat to buy for my frenz in indo since i were to go on tt sunday, there was this malay-looking guy. Not sure if he's malay or thai or indon or vietnamese, they look sth like tt. he kept lookin at me while holdin a choc bar. Trying to be nice, i asked him, "can i help u?" then he muttered which i took as him askin for d price. so i pointed at d price tag. but then he like kept lookin at me. then put back d choc, n went to d other end of d aisle. then his friend, with similar look, kept walkin up n down, and also looked at me. but i ignored cuz i thot they were juz chi ko pek (perverted man). Ok, since i thot they were weird, I shud've been more cautious. But d genius me, ignored them and even put my bag on d trolley. BUT, it was right beside me n i was holding onto d trolley. So i nv thot those 2 bastards would steal my lovely bag. Man, I felt so stupid.

Lesson learnt 1: Never ever leave ur stuff lying ard
Lesson learnt 2: Kindness doesn't always beget kindness
Lesson learnt 3 (I nv thot i wud really listen to this advice): Don't talk to strangers, unless it's a must.

Anyways, i went to d police station to report my loss, since my IC n EZ-link card were there. But when i told him wat happened, he juz looked at me, sneered n said, "miss is tt how u treat ur things? U shudn do tt, u noe. We can't help u, u noe." WTF! Eh, idiot, tt's ecxactly how i usu treat my things. Leave them ard so tt ppl can conveniently take them as and when they like. Duh! I was pissed enough, n realised wat a dummy i'd been. I didn't need him to lecture me. Besides, it took more than 1.5 hrs for d whole report to finish. I was there feeling upset n he still haf d time to chit chat with his collegues n did other stuff. So inefficient! Lucky for him, I was in better control of my temper on tt day. Otherwise.... Seriously, I really wonder wat happens if there were really terrorist attack. Bet they'll be too busy chatting to care. Nonsense.

Lesson learnt 4: Don't be complacent. Yes, this country is relatively safe. But crime will never be truly nonexistent. And with tt kind of law enforcers, u'd be wiser not to count on them.