Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So Bored....

Oh man, hols can be darn boring if ur havin it for too long. 1 mth and 3 days of hols to be exact. So i decided to write sth, since it's been mths since my last entry. I even had forgotten my password.

Nth interesting so far, juz my bag being stolen. Well yea, 2 wks ago, when i was shopping in carrefour with my mom, 2 a**h***s stole my bag. My new gold bag somemore. And in it are my purse, IC, mobile n other stuff. Yep, tt's my 4th mobile gone in 2 yrs. What luck!! I really haf no idea why my luck is so friggin bad. I juz lost my hp last dec, n b4 tt, lost it only a couple of mths b4. Maybe Esther is right. I have a bad karma with hp. Sheesh... it's always either i lose my stuff or some1 stole it. 2X lost hp, 2X stolen. And now my whole bag for goodness sake. My blood boils everytime i think abt tt incident. I just feel lyk cursing those 2 till they die!

U might be askin, how do i noe there are 2 thieves. Well (n this is wat i told tt stupid policeman too, n y is he stupid? i'll elaborate soon) while i was in d choc section, choosin wat to buy for my frenz in indo since i were to go on tt sunday, there was this malay-looking guy. Not sure if he's malay or thai or indon or vietnamese, they look sth like tt. he kept lookin at me while holdin a choc bar. Trying to be nice, i asked him, "can i help u?" then he muttered which i took as him askin for d price. so i pointed at d price tag. but then he like kept lookin at me. then put back d choc, n went to d other end of d aisle. then his friend, with similar look, kept walkin up n down, and also looked at me. but i ignored cuz i thot they were juz chi ko pek (perverted man). Ok, since i thot they were weird, I shud've been more cautious. But d genius me, ignored them and even put my bag on d trolley. BUT, it was right beside me n i was holding onto d trolley. So i nv thot those 2 bastards would steal my lovely bag. Man, I felt so stupid.

Lesson learnt 1: Never ever leave ur stuff lying ard
Lesson learnt 2: Kindness doesn't always beget kindness
Lesson learnt 3 (I nv thot i wud really listen to this advice): Don't talk to strangers, unless it's a must.

Anyways, i went to d police station to report my loss, since my IC n EZ-link card were there. But when i told him wat happened, he juz looked at me, sneered n said, "miss is tt how u treat ur things? U shudn do tt, u noe. We can't help u, u noe." WTF! Eh, idiot, tt's ecxactly how i usu treat my things. Leave them ard so tt ppl can conveniently take them as and when they like. Duh! I was pissed enough, n realised wat a dummy i'd been. I didn't need him to lecture me. Besides, it took more than 1.5 hrs for d whole report to finish. I was there feeling upset n he still haf d time to chit chat with his collegues n did other stuff. So inefficient! Lucky for him, I was in better control of my temper on tt day. Otherwise.... Seriously, I really wonder wat happens if there were really terrorist attack. Bet they'll be too busy chatting to care. Nonsense.

Lesson learnt 4: Don't be complacent. Yes, this country is relatively safe. But crime will never be truly nonexistent. And with tt kind of law enforcers, u'd be wiser not to count on them.

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