Monday, May 29, 2006

'Touring' time!

Today's church-cleaning day was pretty quiet, esp in the youth room cuz most of them are in the bible camp. U might be askin, why am i not there. Well, i was never interested in that kinda thing, unless there's a carrot for me for going. Hehe.... So yea, there was only me, my sis n calvin Q in d morning before gazel, roch n laksa come much later. Andy and Sze tuan were sposed to come, but those 2 are so lazy. Sigh...

Neways, tmr we (me, my sis, roch n laksa) are gonna act like tourist. We're gonna walk ard some tourists' spots in d central area and juz gonna take loads of pics. Oh well, this kinda things are bound to happen during hols time when we've got nothing better to do (well, doing chores isn't quite counted as 'better' things to do :P). Like 3 wks ago, me n my GFs went 'touring' round Sentosa Island. Was sposed to be suntanning, but the sun chose to take a break on tt day, so we ended up going round d island on open-top buses and even goin to the new Imbian Lookout to try the Luge. It was quite fun.

Man, i noe i should be getting a job. I'm like so broke and it's THE ever-so-awaited-for Great S'pore Sale time, for goodness sake. I wanna go shopping! but got no money!! Arrgghh... But i'm so lazy. Maybe the day after tmr i'll start finding for jobs again. Besides stayin home, watchin movies and eating snacks all the time don't do any good to my poor tummy. and thighs. and arms. Heez....

Oh well, gotta rest early today. Lotsa things to do tmr. Nitey nite.

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