Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rain rain go away!

Oh gosh, will the rain ever stop?! sigh... because of the friggin' rain i've like 2 cancelled movie dates. Everyone just feel so lazy to go out of the house, including myself. So the only movie i managed to watch this week is Curse of the Golden Flower. And that's cuz we watched it at J8, which is only 10mins away from home :P

Caution: Spoiler ahead.

Anyways, 5 of us (the Perera girls, my sis n I) juz decided to go out and watch some movie like less than 2 hours b4 the movie started. Wanted to go watch Eragon, but the showtime was rather late. So we decided on CGF. I don't usually watch non-western show in the cinema, but CGF looks kinda interesting. It looked like it's gonna be a hit, something like the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Gong Li stars in it, 'nuff said.

To be honest, the show's really predictable. I predicted every plot correctly. Well, almost. I guess I didn't predict that the youngest son was gonna be a murderer and everyone, except the king, was gonna die.

Although the plot's predictable (as u watch the show at least), but the story's still very twisted, I think. I heard that the show's based on history. If it's true, China must have had real sick people as rulers during the Tang dynasty. If not, the scriptwriter must be sick to think up of such craziness. Like I said, everyone, except the king, died (well, i'm not sure abt the queen, but i think she died; it's not explicitly shown.).

Basically, the king wants to kill the queen by making her drink poisonous "medicine". So the queen plans to rebel, assisted by the 2nd son, during the crysanthemum fest. Btw, the queen is having an affair with the 1st son (not her real son of coz). So the killing frenzy occurs during the fest. Begun by the youngest son killing the 1st son. The poor lil boy was confused after eavesdropping on conversations and he became angry, u see. So the king got angry cuz his fav son is killed. So he kills his youngest son. 2 down.

Next, the 2nd son heads the rebellion. Sadly, he's outnumbered and lost. The crazy king then made the mother and son sit with him on the table and went on with the fest. He'll forgive the 2nd son absurdity if he'll make the queen drink the medicine. Being a filial son, he killed himself. Erm, along the way, the clich├ęd, said-to-be-dead-but-actually-alive mother of the first son appeared and her whole new fam got killed. So yea, crazy, huh?

Although predictable, it's still quite a good show, in a weird way. Gong Li, as always, is a good actress. So is Chow Yun-Fat. Jay Chou? Erm... oh well, he's a first-timer, isn't he? What really amused me was that as I look around after the show ended, I noticed there are quite a number of ppl watching it as a family. Quite a lot of kids, some grandmoms and dads. I mean, plot-wise this is definitely NOT a family movie. Secondly, the show's quite bloody. Honestly, those parents shud noe wat kind of movie that is.

Y'know, after the show we went shopping. lakshi was showing some clothes but no one paid attention. Then my sis said,"Hey u guys better listen to what she's saying. Who knows she might be like the youngest son"

Maybe I should be kinder to my sis, too. Hmmm...

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