Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shop Till You Drop

Here's part 2 to my Dec hols.

As I've mentioned, a day after the PF camp, I went to Bangkok for holidays. It was my first time travelling purely for enjoyment without parents. I've travelled alone before of course. But those are like for missionary or school trips with a big group of ppl. So yea. So exciting!

I tagged along with the Perera's cuz they happened to be going to BKK. Besides, Lakshi and Dinu can speak Thai, so it'll be easy to buy stuff there. I tell you, goin to bkk let me experience the true meaning of 'Shop till you drop'. I litterally shop till I dropped. Every single day spent in bkk never see me goin back to hotel empty-handed. For one whole week, less the 2 days spent in MC, we just shop and shop and shop. There are sooo many cheap but good stuff. Most of them are from the latest fashion, too. I really regret not bringing more $$.

If you know me, you'd definitely concur that I don't really fancy shopping. I can go without shopping for months and I won't even miss it. And if I do go shopping, usu my shopping buddy will get frustrated with me cuz I'd take ages to decide on a buy. I'd really consider if my buy is worth the money and if it's sth that I would really use, not just crams my room and collects dust.
So when I was in bkk, even I surprise myself. On average, my 'contemplating' time was sth like 3 mins. That's like at least 5X faster than normal. Moreover, we travelled to Naram, Central World, MBK/Siam area and even waking up at 6am in the morning to go to the morning market at Bobae (on diff days of course). Seriously, I was just so exhausted, that after we came back from shopping in Naram on the last day, I just K.O.ed on the bed. I was down with fever and my gastric acted up. Talkin about 'shop till u drop', huh? I guess my body was just not used to such excessive shopping. LOL....

Bkk is truly a great shopping place. From high-end shops to road-side stalls. I wish I had brought my cam around all the time. The malls are superb. And cuz we came during Dec, they're all decorated in pretty ornaments and bright, brilliant lights. It definitely felt more like x'mas in bkk than in sg. The decorations are really amazing!

Oh and talking about Siam Paragon, VivoCity is nothing compared to it. And all the great malls - Siam Paragon, Siam centre, MBK, etc, - are located within walking distance from one another. Yes, the Orchard area is sth like tt too. BUT what really differentiates is that there different malls have different shops; unlike here, where u can get almost exactly the same shops in every malls (which untill now still baffles me why in the world they wanna built similar malls just next to each other).

Anyhow, after I came back i realised that I actually didn't shop THAT much. I guess goin to so many shopping places and being surrounded by shops and stalls gave me the illusion that i've shopped like hell. oh and worse, i dun actually like some of the stuff tt much cuz i bought them on impulse. sigh.... But still, most of them are really good buys and am happy! :):)

I dunno where all my $$ gone to tho. Food maybe. Oh shite, dun get me started on food now (i almost forgot!). The food there are GREAT, FANTASTIC, and FINGER-LICKIN' GOOD. I ate papaya salad and tom yum till I got the 'runs'. LOL... but i loved it :D

Well, it's less than half an hr to new yr now. Even my entry don't seem so coherent now. Haha... whatever. Pics time! then I'll go for countdown :P

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