Thursday, January 04, 2007

School again....

4th day of year 2007. First day of school in the year 2007. Sigh… definitely dread going to school later. I've been out every single day since x'mas, visiting friends homes or busy in the kitchen preparing food and welcoming ppl to our home. Thus, the lack of entries. Btw, blogger sux. I dunno why but I can't upload any pics.

I haven't even started going to school and am already missing my hols. I think i made use of my Dec hols really well...too well, perhaps. A really packed Dec, but totally fun fun FUN! Actually I had too much fun till I got sick; flu at first and now I keep coughing. Too much festive seasons goodies, I suppose. I think I have enough choc to last me several months. But I decided to share them. Hee....Ain't I nice?

Well, I guess I'd better get ready for school. *groan*

I now it's late, but.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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