Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dreamy S'pore

This morning set off from home pretty early cuz gotta rehearse for CAT presentation. While I was walkin towards the MRT, my surroundings look so dreamy. It was misty and when I looked up and saw the beautiful red dish sun. Basically I felt like I was in some mountaneous area. I felt strangely contented, but at the same time, choked. Oh wait... it wasn't mist. It was the haze. Sigh.... Why is the haze still here?! What's Indo govt been doing? I hate staying indoors all the time. Too much air-con's definitely not good for my skin >.<

Neways, today decided to do some good deed. Yep... I donated my blood. Again :)

Surprisingly, there were quite a number of ppl, which was good n bad. Good cuz then more lives can be saved. Bad cuz d whole process took abt 1.5 hrs. 80% of the time was waiting time. The blood-drawing itself took only abt 5 mins. Prolly cuz i was quite pissed, so d blood flowed rather quickly. haha... hey they served ppl who came later than me ok. Hmph....

Poor Krish wanted to donate also. But got rejected - for the 3rd time! He was pretty bitter about it. Haha... That's y lah. Take care of urself.

Okie gotta go mug again for corp reporting, which is a very dull lesson. But i gotta make up for my last quiz which got as good as 0. Yea, my prediction was quite accurate, unfortch. Saaa, i promise I won't brood over it anymore. 2 days were enuf...

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