Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tree-top Walk

FINALLY! Went to the HSBC Tree-top Walk this afternoon with the Pathfinders. Been asking ard for ppl to go with me for like the longest time. hee...

The walk started fr Venus Drive carpark. Thot it was just a short walk to get to the bridge, but it was like a 2km walk on steep, rough trails. And i was wearing beach slippers, cuz left my shoes in school. Very uncomfy, i tell u. But it's ok. If I could survive a hike in a trail-less jungle (real jungle, mind u) with an injured leg in Sarawak, MacRitchie trail was piece of cake ;)

Neways, some of them complained that the tree-top walk was too short. But I wasn't complaining. I gotta admit I haf a tiny weeny bit phobia of height. To make matters worse, dark clouds hung ominously above us and there were occasional lightning and some of them had to mention that some suspension bridge in Malaysia had actually collapsed before. So yea, it was quite a erm... freaky fun experience walking on a suspension bridge. Unfortunately, we didn't spot any interesting critters during the hike. Only monkeys. Lots of them. Duh... Like we dun already them in our group :P Oh btw, those monkey are ferociou, man. At least they sounded like it. When we first heard them, we thought they were boars.

After the bridge was another loooong walk to the ranger station. Lots of climbing. And some kidos fr our gp went missing. See lah, act tough n walk fast. Hehe.

Lesson learnt: Walk slowly but steadily; and enjoy the nature. Oh and do read d signs. Sheesh, and to think they are Pathfinders. Cud still get themselves lost even with all the road signs...

But thank God, every1 got back safely and it only drizzled a teeny bit. Better still, Aunt Alicia rewarded us with Mint Choc imported directly from Sweden :)

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