Thursday, October 12, 2006

I Want...

It's Thurs - 3 more days till break is over. Have been quite unproductive. I noe I should be mugging now, since all my tests n quizzes have been extremely unsatisfactory. Yet, I chose to go to Esplande's Glutton Bay to have dinner today.

There are sposed to be at least 10 ppl to go, but ended up with 6 ppl (and the 2 of them came much later. Haiyo, tt couple...). Ppl juz love last minute cancellation, don't they? So my plan to go earlier to take some pixies was cancelled because I had to wait for Fens. I couldn't possible let her walk alone with the 2 freshie boys, can I? Who knows what they'd do. Lolx... j/k. The Sujus are very nice ppl :)

So yep, by the time she finished her meeting, it was too dark to take nice pixies. The stupid cumulonimbus cloud also chose to come at tt time. Making the sky even darker. Luckily, it only drizzled for awhile, otherwise we won't be able to haf dinner at Glutton Bay.

Dinner was good. Had some nice chat. And after the couple arrived, we took some pixies. The last few turned out really nice. Love the S'pore River/CBD background with all it's lights. Too bad every1 was rather tired. We cud've walked to Fullerton side and take more pics. There are nicer places there. But oh well...

So yea, I've been experimenting with D70s (courtesy of Alds). Sigh... I want one *hint* Or a Canon RebelTX *hint*. My good ol' Canon's no fun anymore. There's even D80 and Canon EOS 3**sth now. But too expensive. Oh btw, my b'day's coming in exactly 2 mths (wow, what a coincidence). So, *cough-hint* getting a DSLR will be fab *cough-hint*

Hee... ok I should go sleep now. Gonna take a morning walk in the park tmr and shoot some more pixies :)

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