Monday, June 11, 2007

For the love of food...

I've been wanting to post all the baked goodies that I've made during the hols but somehow I've been really busy that I've no time! What with internship, getting sponsorship for PPIS, planning for mission trip, reading new books yadda yadda yadda.... See I'm so busy right?

Oh okay, I've been addicted to J-dorama lately also. Ever since end of exams last April, when I watched Taiyo no uta. It's funny how i'm really into dramas now. i was never really a drama person but I guess it's how one show leads to another. Let's just say I've watched lyk 7 or 8 j-dramas and 2 j-movies (goin to watch another 1 tonite :P) in the past 2 months and those are outside my usual anime fix. haha.... I should stop and do sth more constructive. Like more baking! and posting them up ;)

I've actually started like a wk into my hols but haven't got round to write about it.

Just a fifth of what I've borrowed from library. Not to mention the hundreds of recipe I've found online :P

I was thinking of setting up a foodblog, but figured once school starts I won't have much time to bake cuz i'll be super duper busy (for real. not cuz of j-doramas), that I won't be updating much. So neways, it'll be food pics galore from now on till er.... I'm too lazy to blog again. haha....

PS: Do remember as u are reading my posts that I'm very much a noob at baking AND photography. So pardon the bad pics that make my babies look oogly. But seriously, apart from some minor glitches, they're all edible (and most taste real good too! Really!). So far, I haven't got any lawsuit pertaining to food-poisoning.

PSS: I wanna thank those who were willing to be my guinea pigs. But I think they should thank me instead for feeding them good food :P

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