Thursday, March 15, 2007

So U Think U Can Dance

Er.. no i dun think i can dance. I suck. Totally. That's why i didn't feel lyk going for yesterday's class. Besides I've AIS quiz on friday, and i've read only 30 pages out of 200 pages.

BUT, i'm glad i went. u noe why?

Cuz Ashle Dawson and Ashlee Nino was the instructor-of-the-day! In case u have been living in Mars, they are the winners of So U Think U Can Dance, season 1 & 2, respectively. I kinda knew they were coming, but thot that was juz publicity.

They are shorter than I thought. But they are sooo nice, esp Dawson. But maybe that's cuz she taught most of the time. But neways, she was really really sweet, funny, encouraging and fun fun fun! Even if you dunno how to dance, she juz makes u wanna move ur body. And even if you make mistakes, you won't go, "Oh shit, I'm so dumb." Instead, you'd go, "Oh, who cares." So basically she just wanted us to have fun. For the first time, I was thoroughly enjoying the dance class :) :)

So yep, despite the fact that the class was pretty tough and tiring, I had fun. Argh, wish i dun haf AIS quiz tmr. 170 more pages to go. It's soooo super duper boring. WTH am i doing here?!

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