Sunday, March 18, 2007


Phew, soooo many march babies I can hardly keep up. One b'day party after another and more to come. And it's a freakin wk 11/12 of sch. shucks... busy busy busy haha... Well i've said the happy bday's but again to all u march babies....

happy b'day cynthia
happy b'day erlina
happy b'day daniel O.
happy b'day olivia
happy b'day daniel A.
happy b'day my annoying lil' sis, clarissa. miss bickering with u :)
happy b'day erwin
happy b'day fiona
happy b'day clara
happy b'day xue wei

and to cynthia, erlina, clara n xue wei - welcome to Club 21! hee hee....

Okie, i need to get ready for fiona's b'day now. Sod the stupid fiim, twc and tax report i'm sposed to do. lalalalala.....

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