Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cursed Day??


Revelation 13:18 - This calls for the wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

Woah, finally reach D day where it's sposed to be a spooky day. 666 - that's the mark of the beast. Hollywood even made a movie cuz of this inauspicious date. But just because today's date reminds me, n a hell lot of other ppl, of the evil associated with the no, it doesn't mean today was a bad day. I didn't even have bad feelings, as in, u noe sometimes your body just shivered and u have a feeling that sth bad's gonna happen? Yea, I didn't experience that. Actually today wasn't a bad day at all, tho it's not a great either.

The only painful thing about today is that my whole upper body aches. But that's because I've started excercising after a loooooong break. I run once awhile (a looong while, that is). But I decided that I should do something about my accumulating fats lipids. Not juz because I want to make Andy shut up, but cuz I wanna feel healthier and more energised . And of course, wearing back cloathes that I used to be able to wear won't hurt either. So i resolved that I should start exercising again. Sigh, i've resolved so many times, but tho the spirit is oh-so-willing, the flesh is so darned weak. But never mind, I'll do it this time. If Ralph can do it, so can I! Yosh! (I can't lose out to my Babat rival)

Yesterday was a good start. Wanted to jog this morning, but it was raining till evening. Bad day, huh. Too bad I can't jog (*smirk*). So I just did stretching at home to relax my aching muscles. Anyways, encouraged by my muffin success, I decided to make choc chip cookies, since I still have some choc chips left from making the muffins. This time my mom helped a bit in doing the mixing. I think that darned mixer hates me. The moment I switched it on, butter and sugar started splattering about the walls and my shirt. And in my panic, I switched it to higher speed. Luckily I lifted the mixer in time to prevent further mess. But well, that's the only glitch tt happen. Everything went smoothly afterwards. And my cookies turned out great. It's the kind like the crunchy Famous Amos cookies, not the soft Subway cookies.

This time the texture's right. Really crisp. I like it tt way. I was quite surprised when the cookies enlarged by abt 1.5 times. But tt's ok. Still much better than the ones that we made to raise funds for our CSP project. Lolx..... One thing tho, they are still not as tasty as Famous Amos'. Something's missing. I wonder if it's because I use only 1 egg instead of 2. Well, if u noe how to make the cookies taste better, don't hesitate to tell me. I'll upload the pics later.

So yea, today was just like any other uneventful day.... (except for my choc chip cookies :D)

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