Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yummy muffin!

Still haven't got a job. Still bored. Heez.... So instead of juz being totally passive while watchin my fav animes on youtube, i decided to make some muffins. Hmm, i can already hear ppl snorting. Can I really bake? Duh, of course. I've been helping my mum baking cakes, brownies n cookies since forever. Yep, I was juz helping. But this time. I made all by MYSELF. No help from my mom at all. And yep, they ARE edible.

This is my first attempt at baking all by myself (oh I tried baking some stuff like potatoes for lunch. They turned out a little diff fr the pic. BUT still edible ok), so yea, the result wasn't as good as those muffins sold at Mrs Field - that would be unrealistic. But they still are yummy. I ate at least half of them ok. Nope, not because I felt responsible or because I wanted to prevent innocent ppl from getting food poisoning, but because it tasted GOOD! It's healthy, too. I substituted half of the flour with rolled oats, and I added pecans n almonds to the original recipe (see I can even improvise on my first attempt. Ha!) Oh, and I used brown sugar. I wanted to add raisins, but my sis objected to it.

I'm quite happy with the result. But somehow the texture isn't quite rite. Hmm, I should try again. Practise makes perfecto!

Here are my yummy muffins....

Yummm, drooling yet?

Oh yea, I used this small bowls to bake cuz I couldn't find the muffin tray. Oh well, still look and taste good nevertheless.

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