Thursday, June 01, 2006

Moral of X-Men 3

We were sposed to go 'touring' on monday, but as usual, my annoying sis ruined the plan, as always. She was so slow, taking her own sweet time in choosing clothes and stuff, cuz she was sposed to go to this interview with laskhi. But in the end they didnt go, n we all went to watch X-men: The Last Stand. Well, i think it was quite an entertaining show. If you like action, special effects, loud noise then this movie is for you. But if you expect a clever plot or interesting story, then i suggest you watch sth else. But like I said, it was nevertheless intertaining.

The characters have really cool moves, especially Wolverine. And, he's hot! Lolx.....Storm is awesome too. I particularly enjoyed the sound effect during the fights. Made my whole body shudder, literally. Thanks to dolby sound system (or is it THX? watever). But yea, there's no real suspense in the story. No plot. Juz normal good vs evil. And good wins. Some of the scenes also ended abruptly. They should've made the movie longer. But I can just imagine the amount of $$ needed. But i still think that that flying guy, the guy with wings should be given more screen time. Put his pic so big in the movie poster, but did nothing great. He'd be one cool character.

Oh btw, if you haven't already watched the show, I suggest you don't leave the cinema when the credits appear. Wait awhile. There's sth more, though it's juz a little bit more.

But anyways, while watching the show, sth struck me. Juz like what the actors said during interview on MTV, the movie did get me thinking... about social issues, particularly about people who are different from ourselves. Juz like the mutants are outcast or at least discriminated against just because they are 'different', we do the same thing too to others who are 'different'. Of course, different here doesn't juz refer to body, hairstyle, etc, u noe what i mean. But yea, guess i'm guilty of doing that. Like last saturday, there was this guy, who's kinda weird. The way he dressed n talk. He wore t-shirt, shorts n slippers to church. He was in his late 20s, i believe, so he should know better. So, he went up to youth room and he asked my bro lotsa qns during the intro session. And he was igonoring unc chin, which was a 'lil amusing. I noe I should've still go up to him and be friendly, but I didn't. Cuz he was 'different'. Same thing happened on the first day of my community svc project (CSP) in this spastic children society. I was a kinda scared to interact with them at first cuz you'd never know what they'd do (I did have some 'funny' experience before). But that fear dissipated after I spent more time with them. And they are quite cute actually.

Well, i realised that i will always have prejudice against people that are a ,well, different from myself. But if i spend more time with them, that prejudice might just go away and instead, replaced by compassion. Still, i need to reduce that 'more time' to 'no time at all'. After all, i might be 'different' to other people. I do have my antics, too. Well, I'll strive, and if everyone does too, i bet my life that this world will be a better place to live in. No more people with sneering, condescending eyes, no more people and their racism, sexism, whatever-ism. All that we have will be luuurrrrvveee for one another.

Can i get my "Awwww" now?

(okay, that last part was exaggerated :p)

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