Friday, June 23, 2006


Been working the whole week and thus been missing watching anime on youtube. Whoever invented youtube, Bless his soul. Used to buy or borrow animes and boy, are they expensive. It doesn't help that my ever-so-generous anime supplier cum freak cum friend, Pisal had moved to Aussie. So no more free animes. Then.....came along youtube. Really grateful for it's very existance. Haha...I'm being long-winded. But so what. I got a free Friday. haha!

I'm still working but well, it's the time of the month. Sigh...ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be a boy. I mean, they're just so lucky. Girls, I'm sure u noe what i mean. And I've no idea why recently the cramps have gotten worse. By golly, I'd almost fainted on the MRT this morning. Suddenly I felt so light-headed and everything became so blurry. I bet I was like really pale. But no one bothered to give up their seat. Sheesh...Gracious S'porean? Tang Ku Ku (wait long long)

So i decided to stay home. The pain was just too much. I was stuck in the bust stop in front of J8. Couldn't walk home. Couldn't even walk across the street to the bus stop. And I waited too long for the taxi. Stupid rush hour. So I mustered up all my strength and start walkin home. I really wish I'd been born as a boy. Lolx (btw, i'm still a perfectly normal girl yah!)

Oh yea. My sis was pretty nice today. Lolx... Never guessed i'd ever say that. My relationship with that imp is like oil and fire. When we get together, there'll surely be an inferno. Ok, not always that bad. But there'll be at least sparks. But neways, this morning and on some other rare occasions, she was well, nice. Called home to get my mom to fetch me. But she was out. So I told her that I got terrible cramps. And voila, when I got home, even before I asked her, she already prepared hot water for me. Aww, sweet. hee.... But then again, that's very rare. Get this, her attitude still irks me. That's why most of the time, we just bicker. Ahhh, sweet sisterly love (*puke*)

So yea, now I've got a long weekend. Yay... Thot I could start watchin my animes again or some random funny videos. But alas, the youtube is under maintenance. Of all the days! Sigh. Maybe i should catch some sleep.

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