Monday, June 19, 2006

Sing Your Heart Out

BRC Youth Choir

Another picture! Haha...I realise I've been bombarding my entries with pics. I can't help it. I've always enjoyed taking pics (not of myself of course) and a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides, I got a new camera - Ixus 60, which I got abt 2 wks ago. Not exactly what I wanted. Well, I still can't afford a Canon Rebel or Nikon D70s or any good digital SLRs, not forgetting their expensive accessories. I'll buy them when I've started my career (*hint* or earlier if some1 would like to finance me *hint*). As a student, there are too many things that I have to buy/pay for and that I covet. For now, my Ixus is enough to keep me happy, tho not ecstatic. I should be grateful.

On saturday we had our very first Balestier Rd SDA Church Youth Choir (refer to pic, for more
here). Never in my 7 years worshipping in tt church tt we had a youth choir. But there we were, in front of the whole church, singing "All night, All day". The choir was formed only 2 mths ago, and we didnt exactly practise really hard. But I did give my best, and so did everyone i believe, though i was darned nervous and my lips was quivering. I've always had stage fright. But anyways, everyone said we sang wonderfully and they commended us. Well, they couldn't exactly tell us that we sang like chickens going to slaughterhouse, could they?

But honestly, we did sing ok. May not be like those catholic boys choir, but at least we didn't agonise our dear churchgoers, I hope and I pray.

Well, today's my second day at work and I'm already so bored to death. My job is to call people and verify the info that the company already had. Seconds after seconds, minutes after minutes, hours after hours, I hear the ringing sound, and operator voice. Luckily, so far no rude contacts. Just that many of those companies have "The Entertainer" as their hold-the-line tune. Goodness gracious me, before I started working there, I thoroughly enjoy that piece and it was one of my favourites. But after countless time listening to it in that high-pitch tune, I changed my mind. The Entertainer's no longer that entertaining now. Yea, working is boring but I need the money, so I shall endure. Gambatte!!

I miss watching my favourite animes all day long :((

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