Friday, June 30, 2006

Dong Bang Shin Gi

This past week has turned me into DBSG fan. No thanks to my sister. Cuz of her, I've been wasting spending my time in searching thru youtubes for their videos (MV/drama/clips). Frankly speaking, I was never a K-pop or J-pop, Mandapop or any asian band fan. Dun really like them. Too sissy and the way they dress is quite weird. Juz not my cup of tea. I'm much more into Western music. But once in a while I've found some exceptionally good ones. Like Utada Hikaru (I like 2 of her songs, or in this case DBSG (or DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki watever, they've got many names, depending whether ur a korean, chi or jap fan). Though usually I like only 1 or 2 songs from a particular Asian singer/band, this band is quite interesting.

Been watching lots of their MVs or juz clips in youtube, and I found them quite adorable. Apparently they've been ard for quite sometime. I've actually read them in the Teens mag, sometime ago. But didn't give it a hoot. As I've said, not really into Asian songs. Most of the songs by this band are quite typical. But altho they're a boyband, they can actually sing and definitely dance. Dun really like the ballads, but some of the songs are really nice, like this song titled "Rising Sun" or the one titled "HiYaYa" (links provided).

There is something really addictive with the song Rising Sun. Didn't really like it at first. But now i'm totally hooked. I dunno what genre it is, but it's a full-of-energy kinda song. Everytime I hear it, made me wanna get up and dance (tho regretfully, i can't dance). And the boys really look cool dancing in tt video. Whereas the song HiYaYA has a very catchy tune. A summer, refreshing kinda pop song. Watching the MV made me wanna go straight down to the beach. Especially in this really hot and humid summer weather.

Oh talkin abt goin down to the beach, there's this seminar by our church. And on sunday it's gonna be held in Sentosa. YaY, Beach! Can't wait to soak my feet in the cool seawater =)

Well I've provided the link but I'll just put the video here. Enjoy!

Rising Sun


Oh btw, thanks to doubleH for helping me put up d video. I'm such a tech idiot. Sigh...

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