Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stiff Like A Wooden Plank

Had my first yoga lesson today. Man, it was terrible and so different from what I imagined. In my mind, will be like, ya noe, juz sit down, meditate, breath in, breathe out and definitely not break a sweat. But what happened was, within the first 5 mins, I could feel my sweat dripping from my forehead. And I was in an air-con room, mind you. I mean, the place is great, the atmosphere is just nice and the Indian imstructor is okay (although, sometimes his speech is rather incomprehensible). But I was so terrible at it.

Okay, actually it wasn't exactly a yoga. It was yogalate - a yoga and pilate combo. So having never learnt yoga or pilate before, and not exercising for donkey years, my body was damn stiff. Think I was the worst student in that class. Couldn't reach my toes, couldn't kiss my knees, couldn't lift my butt from the mat, couldn't lift my leg without bending it (while I was lying down, of course), well, you name it, I couldn't do it properly. Moreover, I couldn't finish the repetition. Halfway then I would stop. Maybe it's the old-age.... But it was just so hard. I was as stiff as a wooden plank. Although there was no vigorous movement, I was still perspiring. Besides, sometimes I just couldn't understand what the instructor was saying.

Oh well, maybe I should've gone for the prayanama (spell?) and meditation. Maybe it's more of the yoga that I've imagined. But still, I'm LOVING yoga, man! All I need to do is do more stretches at home. Haha... C'mon everybody, say "Ooooohhmm....."

But now, I need to rest my aching body.

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