Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Episode VII: Science (Chem) VS Accountancy

Okie dokie, here's the pro/con list.

Sci (chem), pro:
-Been studying it since primary school, so I already have the foundation
-Get to mix chemicals up (n probably blow up the lab too ; )
-Chance to create a cure for the currently incurable illnesses, which may earn me a Noble prize (hey, one can dream ok)
-Able to spend lotsa time by myself, meddling with some chemicals in a lab
-Get to wear those real cool white suite
-Don't have to be involved in those stupid office politics in the future (ok there'll be some, but definitely less in sci sector)
-The chem sector is growing, so by the time I graduate, the job market will be pretty big

-It'll be harder than accountancy, which translates to more stress (it doesn't help that I get stressed out easily either)
-According to some research, sci grads earn less than acct grads
-In a long run, acct ppl still earn more
-Less job in the market for chem grad, still
-No one in the family supports me, sheesh...

Acct, pro:
-Easier to study, which means I can relax a bit
-Grads earn more
-EvilMan, Mom and Bro had studied acct, so there'll be some1 to help me if I encounter some problem
-EvilMan can help me get a job upon graduation (but of course, I won't depend on him, hee...)
-If there's any cock-up or I don't do well, I can always say to EvilMan, "See, I've told you I'm not suitable for this course" hehe...

-Ave earning of an accountant is still higher that chemist and more opportunity for higher success

-Never learned it b4, so have to do some catching up (sian ar!)
-Bet the lesson are less fun than chem, what with no lab work (I love experiment, juz as long as it's not a test or an exam)
-According to ppl I know, the job is damn tedious and monotonous
-Long hr job, especially towards the end of the yr

So yeah. As usual, both has it's pros and cons. So which one will I choose? Which one has a brighter future for me? Don't miss the next (and hopefully final) episode.

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