Friday, June 17, 2005

The Skinny of It All

Read under the annoying index in ST:

"First it was Singapore Idol contestant Olinda Cho, now it's comedienne Irene Ang. Who would have thot our fav. roly-poly artistes would be the poster girls for slimming ctrs? Now everyone is starting to look like identical stick insects. As if the entertainment scene here wasn't dull enough."

Hmm, I couldn't agree more.

Seriously, with advertisement featuring a girl in dilemma from being called a hippo, to an idol wannabe or from new mothers to the other "aunty" from the local drama, slimming centres are appealing to people from all walks of life who think (ok, some seriously have) weight issue.

More and more people are climbing on the "Look I was 70* kg BEFORE and NOW I am 45* kg" bandwagon. And yet, they complain that our country is boring. Go figure...

Man, whatever happens to "Big is beautiful"?

*Figure may vary

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