Sunday, September 24, 2006

We didn't finish last!

While others were aiming to be winners, I just prayed that our team didn't finish last. I didn't wanna put too much pressure on the team. I was just so nervous before the race seeing that the other runners look so fit - the guys were like all muscles. The butterflies in my stomach were flying erratically (prolly because they were so excited to see hot guys abound. Lol... j/k)

Thank goodness, my prayers were answered! In fact, we were far from last. Out of 20 teams, I think we were like 14th or sth. And the freshie team got like 5th or 6th. Great improvement from 1st n 2nd from the bottom 2 years ago! RunAbout was a fun experience. Never haf I run so hard before. It was quite a feeling after finishing the race. My head was throbbing like it was gonna explode, my feet felt lyk they were invested with ants, and my chest hurt pretty bad. Shows that i wasn't the fittest person around. Hee....

One thing tho - I shud've run faster. I noe at that time i really cudn't force myself to run any faster. But, if only i had more determination, i bet i could run a little faster. But then again, I run in the name of fun, peace, laughter n joy. In the end everyone was happy n we took loads of pics. Yep, and I kept laughing. I think I freaked out some ppl. Blame the adrenaline :P

Oh yea, and because of the gym-ing for the past 2 wks, I actually lost 2 kg. HAR HAR HAR! Eat that, Andy and Ralph. Who's the babat now?!

Oh n my mom was so nice. She prepared me a great dinner after the race - a wokful of korean hot & spicy fish noodle and magnum ice cream for dessert. Mommies do know best :D Only thing now, I think i gain the 1 kg back. (^^")

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