Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's Official o_O

Okay.... So i'm officially joining the RunAbout. Run wat?? Well, it's an annual event smu has where basically we just have to run for 650m around d school. Yep, u read rite. Caressa, the hasn't-been-exercising-properly-for-ages is gonna run in a race. Gangway, ppl!

I was so misrep, thot I only had to run for a bit. Cuz according to the map, the whole route is sposed to be run by 5 ppl (the map show 1 round with 5 little men, duh). so i purposely chose to be the 3rd runner, which means I just haf to run straight, on flat ground. Easy peasy, right? But horror of horrors, every runner has to run the whole round. Which means... I haf to run up 2 straircases, n down another staircase, then round d skool. Gasp!

But it's ok, so i thought. Uno problemo. I can do it. And off I went for the pre-race familiarisation walk (tho in d end everyone, incl moi, ran). Boy, i was only up d second staircase where I started gasping for air n felt my legs betraying me. And I wasn't even halfway to finishing line. Jeepers creepers!! Dousun daiyo?!?

Oh well, we know all along we won't win. After all, we're up against those sport CCAs and the extremists (Btw, i'm entering the CCA cat. for d indo community cca. haha...) However, I do hope we won't be last *cross fingers* My wonderful frenz even offered some methods to ensure my team's winning albeit totally absurd, such as poisoning the other runners, using some dark magic to curse them and even wearing bikini ("To make them puke or faint", said my not-so-wonderful-friend-anymore).

I must have a loose screw when I registered for the race. Sigh...I gotta rest now. Really exhausted from all those running n last minute gym-ing n sleeping late for the past few days. Gotta reserve my energy for Friday's race :S

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