Sunday, September 17, 2006

:) / :(

A pretty interesting week, albeit very exhausting (unfortch, it ended really badly) Finally, finished the oh-so-draggy Co. Law project. Watched the Indons performed for Art Fest. And tried out spinning class.

The performances was really good despite some glitches here n there. The funny one was during the Saman dance by the freshies. Interestingly, everyone made the same mistake. Talking about solidarity, eh. But, they're still really good. At least they didn't skip any part, like we did. Hehe...

Oh and the spinning class was interesting. Viny and I were just curious as to what "spinning" class is like. What I had in mind was sth like we juz do aerobics which involve a lot of, well, spinning around. But no.... the class is basically a cycling class. What we did was just cycling on the stationary bike for an hour, intensely. During the first 15 mins, my legs felt like they were gonna drop off. Fortunately, after awhile they got accustomed to the workout.

Like I said, the week ended rather badly. Sigh... whenever i think abt it, I really feel like kicking myself in the butt. A stupid mistake, but cost me at least 40% of my assignment grade. Gulp...

Yep, tt's my week at a glance. Wanted to write more, but seriously, I can't remember much :S Sigh... Gotta do lots more work. As in A LOT more WORK. I need more time! Gahh... Even my blog's kinda incoherent now >.<

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