Friday, September 08, 2006

Hectic Week!

This past week was super duper hectic, as expected from the Mugger's U. Nevertheless it was totally draining. 2 essays, 1 excel assignment (it didn't help that I'm still quite a software-idiot), 1 report + preparation for presentation. Last nite I even had to make do with 3 hours of sleep. Still I'm not so sleepy now. Even this morning I woke up feeling quite alert. Either my biological clock is screwed up or the adrenaline rush has not subsided. Or both.

Everyday for the past week was just mad rush. Rush to class, rush to finish assignments, rush for CCAs, rush to do laundry, rush to wash dishes. It didn't help that my parents went on a holiday and I fell sick. No one cooked, did the chores or woke me up in the morning. Been eating Kopitiam's MSG-laden food and other rubbish. No wonder I'm still sick. Gahhh! A week of parents-free is wasted. I'm so pissed!!!

I'm expecting an equally busy schedule next week. Sigh.... I'd better brace myself up >.<

But on a happier note, there are few nice things that happened (I've promised myself, I shud try always be thankful, remember).

I found out that I can actually change the channel on the treadmill's, as well as other equipment's, in-built TV. Shucks, been watching Kid's Central all this while.

Been making friends with the juniors. They are a nice bunch of people, and pretty helpful too.

Somehow I'm closer to the other Indons now. And that's a good thing in so many ways.

Dawn and I tried for Samba's audition (the percussion gp, mind you. not the dance).

Oh and found out that muesli cereal with yoghurt tastes so much better than with milk.

Right. Now, I can sense the fairies splashing the sleepy dust on me already. G'nite world :)

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