Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm a Virgin!!

To this whole blogging thing of coz...watcha thinkin eh? so ur right at the entrance to my mundane life. my blog's pretty simple for now cuz it's till under construction. my life isn't exactly great n my english isn't exactly powderful either (but hey, i got acceptable GP grade k...). so that's y i need to add some pink blusher for some cuteness, some mascara, for some flattery n mayb a tinge of eyeshadow for some seductiveness.

I digress. but expect lots of complaints, cuz i'm a strong believer that i'm a victim of all life's injustice, and nonsense from moi. but there'll be some sugar-coated entry to sweeten things up n to remove all those nasty bitter after-taste.

So now, here i am, welcoming U to my life.

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