Saturday, May 21, 2005

Episode I: A new headache

I decides to write this very decision-making journey to which university I'll go to cuz as some of you might've known, I'm not exactly a gd decision maker. And while lots of my peers know exactly wat U n wat course to choose, I'm still lost. Ppl always say, "choose wat u like" or "choose sth that you're strong in" or " wat do u see yourself doing in future". But, I always answer, "I dun like studying, so i dun like anything" or "I'm not exactly strong in anything. Juz average" or "Er, dunno leh. I have no vision whatsoever". So u see, I'm quite hopeless really.

So in this first episode, I'll tell you my application journey.

I dunno what my future will be like. I can sort of see myself donned in white suit, doing some lab work. But, thx but no thx to EvilMan (he keeps on psyching me into choosing accountancy), I can picture myself wearing professional suit and dong my stuff in CBD (central business district, for ur info). Science is tough n muz be precise, analytical, fast n gd memory (all of which, I'm not very gd at). But think it's kinda cool to work in labs, mixing some chemicals, n who know, I'll find a cure for AIDS or sth. Business is tough also. muz work long hrs, muz be precise, analytical n muz be good at delegating, doing presentation or stuff like that (again, I'm not very good at). But, they pay is good. The guys are more charming (erm...) and I'll get to wear professional clothes, which is kool. So how??

After very very careful thought, I put my 1st choice as sci and 2nd choice as bizadmin n in NUS; chem & biochem as 1st choice n acct as 2nd choice in NTU; accountancy in SMU. Then, I prayed that if i get 2 sci offer, then I'll study sci but if I get 2 biz, then I'll study acct.

So there. I'll juz have to wait.

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