Tuesday, May 31, 2005

DD-Dumbo dentist/doc!!

Read in ST-mind ur body abt this indian guy who complains abt d doctors in s'pore. he said those docs (most of 'em) have no heart. well i gotta agree with him wholeaheartedly. According to him, a doctor had asked him to stop his medication which his previous doc had prescribed. but if he were to stop d medication, he will suffer another heart attact. d stupid new doc apparently hadn't read his file properly. to cut d long story short, tt man insisted dat DD read his file.
Likewise, i went to my denstist yesterday as i got a toothache. then d DD looked into my mouth n within seconds (i dun think he even looked thoroughly) suggested that i have to go for a minor operation to remove my upper left wisdom tooth. damn, i was shocked. i already got my bottom left wisdom tooth taken out, i dun wanna lose another one. c'mon, i'm already quite foolish, u wanna take more wisdom fr me?! NO WAY! i'd like to be wise, thank you...

I digress, so yea, i've experienced how painful it was to have my tooth take out forcefully. it was agonising, i tell u. so anyway, i thot, wat's d connectin bet my aching gum n my wisdom tooth. as u might haf known, wisdom tooth is rite at d back, while my toothace is nearer to the front. so asked him, "are u sure sir?" he said, "yes i'm sure"" er, but my wisdom tooth not painful leh" it argued. "no, i gotta take out ur tooth" i insisted af coz that he double-check. so he did-mayb cuz i looked really scared- n found out tt my wisdom tooth is not d one causing d pain. D'OH!!

So u see, some docs here are juz after ur money. of coz there are some nice ones. but so far, i hafn found any genuinely nice doc in s'pore who really wanna help u. n it's really sad to think tt docs are s'posed to help ppl. so anyway, turns out tt there's a gap bet my tooth n d stuck food there is d one causing d pain. n all he did was give me a clean-up n charged me $85. bloody hell DD. so materialistic!! hope u get toothache all d time n got all ur teeth taken out. Boohahahaha......

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