Friday, May 27, 2005


Guess what i read in today's newspaper?? blind patients receving their eyesight back after an eye transplantation which was grown from a tooth. yep, u read it right. EYE GROWN FR A TOOTH!! eeeww! i mean, it's great tt those ppl got their eyesight back, but d method is juz so...weird. they really had their tooth taken out fr their gum, then dunno wat, then they attach it to the inside of their cheek so tt blood vessels can grow in d tooth which i figured out needed for d growth of the eyeball. sure, in this era, there're lotsa weird stuff goin on, but c'mon, eye growing fr UR tooth in UR MOUTH. how d hell those ppl eat?! n not only d method is weird, the result is also freaky. they eyeball is soo abnormal. it's reddish, like when u got an eyesore, n in d middle is a tiny black dot. not like our normal black iris n pupil (or brown, or blue, watever). it's juz abnormally small, like it's juz d pupil. oh n after being transplanted, it's like juttin out fr d eye socket.

Man, n part of me actually wanted to be involved in bio-tech or bio-engineering. or sth like that. hmmm, i guess i made the right decision to choose medicinal chem over bioscience. i'd rather invent some cure (as in like medicine, not organs or watever) for some diseases than creating some weird god-knows-what.

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