Monday, May 23, 2005

Episode II: The offers

Wow, managed to get 2 offers out of 3 applications. And they are from....NTU n NUS...Science...hehe...

I knew I should stay in science. Got the NTU chem & biochem late last mth. Then ard 1 week later, got d NUS science. I kinda have a feeling that NTU will accept me when they invited me for the morning tea talk. But I'm still happy that I got the offer. What amazed me was that NUS gave me the offer also. I mean, my grades aren't fantastic n NUS has got high cut-off point. Also, when I went to the education fair at Suntec and talked to the dean, he was like " Hmm, with ur grade ar...I think it'll be vuehry hard for you to get in" n then he gave me d wahlau-lousy-grades-still-got-cheek-to-apply look. Wanted to say "eh, plz la uncle, dun be so smug juz cuz ur U is good". Hmm, feel like shoving the offer letter up his big nose n say proudly, "see, i got in leh"

So now, it's another decision-making time.

NUS, Pro:
-It's the creme de la creme (so said everyone)
-Been ard for long, so it's more established
-The sci faculty has also been ard for long, NUS is popular for it's sci n law faculty. so it muz be good. And like what Miss Tan said, it already has its chance to do its mistakes. So, should be more solid.
- Nearer to my house
-Got at least 2 frenz who accept the NUS sci offer. So can have some help if my blur disease act up
-Being a "NUS graduate" sounds nice (provided i can graduate, ha)
-can have 1st yr as testing yr, which means, still can switch major in 1st yr if i decide I dun like chem that much

-More stressful environment cuz those who go there are scholars or freakin smart ppl or damn hardworking ppl (which are soo not me)
-Extremely competitive
-Higher demand from the school itself, which translates to more projects, more works, tougher tests and exams
-Don't really like the ppl there. Some are really proud or rude. Sort of hostile to ppl like me, who isn't exactly a model student
-Stay in hostel is not guaranteed. Muz have gd CCA record (dang, I got E only), special talent or ability (sheesh...)
-Probability of having exams on Sabbath

NTU, Pro:
-So far, the the ppl I met fr the U are quite nice, encouraging ("you can try, your grades is good enough"), and polite
-It's a new course, so the equipment n the lab will be sparkling new. More hi-tech, state-of-the art. Saw the photo n fell in love with the lab. Said to be in par with this famous sci U in US (or is it Canada?)
-Slightly less competition, and more chance to join the overseas student exchange program, partly due to smaller no. of students and (I shall not mention)
-Slightly less stressful environment
-Hostel stay is guaranteed for 1st yr student

-It's a new course, so it's not as well established.
-I'll be the guinea pig batch, so if there's some error in their system, I'll suffer
-Friend said new course would usually have some admin problems and other cock-ups
-May have problem if I decide that I wanna change course
-Less popular than NUS
-Very far from home
-More project-based (hate projects) but then again, maybe good for hands-on
-No friend in the same faculty
-Dunno if have exams on Sabbath

So how, so how???

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